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Accept election results, CFC urges



The Catholic lay group Couples for Christ on (CFC) Friday urges Filipinos to respect and accept the candidates chosen by the majority.

With the newly-elected public officials, the group challenges the continued path for the improvement and development of society as a unified nation.

“As the new leadership prepares to lead our country in the future, we will continue to participate in the advancement of the people,” part of the CFC statement read.

The group is grateful for the opportunity to travel together during the election under the guidance of the Lord’s light and prayer to reflect and vote in line with faith and conscience.

The CFC is thrilled to announce the election of several members to various positions in the Christian community to help advance goodness.

“We are grateful for the brothers who took part in politics. Some of them won the election and we are happy because now they have a unique role in advancing and living all our values as Christians,” the group said.

CFC also recognized the 40 days of prayer, fasting, kneeling and sacrifice sponsored by CFC Youth for Christ in preparation for the national and local elections.

The group urged people to band together for communal reform and growth and to work together to spread the truth.

“We will continue to be brothers to one another and to all; we must stop the heated debates and offensive exchanges of words on social media. Instead, we will proclaim the truth — His truth — with love,” the CFC stressed.

The pontifical group will also distribute the CFC Pastoral Guide on the Use of Social Media to assist people in proper communicating on the internet, particularly in the Philippines, where DataReportal data shows that more than 76.01 million Filipinos use social media.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines recognized CFC as the national private association of lay faithful in 1996, and the Vatican recognized the group as the private international association of lay faithful of pontifical right in 2000. CFC is an association of couples that began in the Philippines in 1981 and has spread to various parts of the world.