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Eased travel restrictions to bring ‘Good Meat’ closer to market



The easing of travel restrictions from almost two years of strict lockdown measures is a boon to the supply chain management issues, with Pilmico Food Corporation (Pilmico), the food and agribusiness unit of Aboitiz Group, eyes on delivering ‘good meat’ to over 300 outlets nationwide this year.

Pilmico said it plans to distribute The Good Meat retail brand to supermarket concessionaires across the country while at the same time planning on opening more stores.

“As The Good Meat aspires to be the leading pork supplier in the Philippines, we’ve been putting our efforts into bringing our products closer to our consumers.

“We make sure to follow only the highest food safety standards in our technologically advanced facilities so that more Filipinos can enjoy quality meats,” said Hendel Cabral, vice president of Farm Sales and Meat Operations of Pilmico.

Pilmico said it would bank on easing mobility restrictions to expand its local footprint. It assured customers that it would also deliver quality meat products processed in its triple A-accredited meat cutting facility, Tarlac Meatmasters.

The facility implements heightened food safety protocols and biosecurity measures that ensure The Good Meat provides safe and premium quality meats.

Last March, its ready-to-cook products were made available in Landmark supermarket, while The Good Meat opened a new brick-and-mortar branch in Libis, Quezon City, and its San Juan store.

Currently, The Good Meat supplies a wide variety of fresh cuts, marinated pork, and ready-to-cook products in over 250 supermarkets. It is also available on various e-commerce platforms, including its website,, Shopee, Lazada and Food Panda.