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Kris Aquino reveals her ‘life-threatening’ ailment



SCREENGRAB FROM IG/KRISAQUINO KRIS Aquino has been in and out of the hospital.

Things have gotten serious.

Kris Aquino on 16 May posted on Instagram an update on her condition, saying she “found out end of April it was life-threatening.”

She proceeded to enumerate what’s bothering her: “chronic spontaneous urticaria (hives) autoimmune thyroiditis (antibodies attacking the thyroid) and vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels) or late stage 3 of Strauss Syndrome, also known as EGPA)” — the last one confirmed after her third skin biopsy.

In other words, the celebrity has been suffering from autoimmune disease, or the body’s immune system mistaking its own healthy tissues as foreign and attacking them.

This explains her gaunt appearance, since her immune system has been failing.

“They are all worried about organ damage in my heart and in my lungs,” Aquino said, referring to her team of doctors at St. Luke’s Medical Center in BGC and Makati Medical Center.

IT was late April when Kris Aquino found out her illness turned for the worse.

The Daily Tribune on 12 May, quoting a confidante of Aquino, reported “her vitals are good,” as she prepared to fly to Houston, Texas for treatment, with her sons Joshua and Bimby accompanying her.

However, only her two sons were able to leave for the United States after her blood pressure got elevated.

On her Instagram post she mentioned her doctors were doing everything to get her to Houston.

She asked the public to spare her sons from ridicule or nasty comments: “Kung balak niyo pong mambastos or mag-comment ng masakit o masama, sa mga sarili niyo na lang pong IG, FB or chat group sana gawin.”