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Cojuangco vows infra development in Pangasinan



As he returns to Congress as the newly-elected representative of Pangasinan’s fifth district, Mark Cojuangco vowed to prioritize infrastructure development in the province, particularly in its coastal towns, believing that it will stimulate economic growth and improve the quality of life of his constituents.

“Our district, especially our three coastal towns, usually experience flooding during the rainy season. We want to get the residents out of that situation,” Cojuangco said in an interview with Daily Tribune’s Gising Na!

“We will also repair our roads here. We need to fix the crooked, narrow, and below standard roads,” he noted.

Cojuangco also aims to push for the provision of additional financial aid to help Filipino people amid the rising prices of basic commodities.

“As we start deliberations on the national budget in July, we need to provide a large chunk of the budget for the grant of cash aid. This will help the public amid the food price crisis,” he emphasized.

“Ordinary people won’t be able to survive this crisis without a lifeline from the national government. The provision of cash assistance would also help our farmers and fisherfolks to earn,” he added.

Infrastructure projects have always been Cojuangco’s focus as he takes on various government posts throughout the years, his last projects include the widening and rehabilitation of the Manila North Road and the Western Urdaneta Bypass Road.

Mark Cojuangco, is the eldest son of the late tycoon and political kingpin Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco Jr.

He served as the Pangasinan fifth district’s congressman from 2001 to 2010 and focused his projects on infrastructure development, which have improved the efficiency and competitiveness of the province.