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200 Suzuki Riders in Pasig cleanup



PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF SUZUKI PHILIPPINES INC. OVER 200 Suzuki Burgman Street riders joined a one-day clean-up drive and cleared the Rave Forest Adventure Park in Pasig City the park of trash, to raise awareness about problems of rising levels of pollution.

Over 200 Suzuki Burgman Street riders joined a one-day cleanup ride at the Rave Forest Adventure Park in Pasig City to raise awareness about the pressing problem of rising levels of pollution that hurt the environment directly or indirectly.

The Suzuki Cleanup Ride is part of the “Suzuki Helps, Aids & Rebuilds (SHARE) program and was participated by Suzuki Burgman Street Elite Riders Club PH’s different chapters from Pasig, South Caloocan, Malabon, Quezon City, Laguna, Rizal, and Cavite as well as members of the press and the “motovlogging” community.

“By showcasing the Burgman Street in this manner, it solidifies the fact that the Burgman Street is a very important product to Suzuki Philippines,” according to Nenuka Guba, motorcycle marketing manager at Suzuki Philippines Inc.

Ricky Delgado, a member of the AKKAPP (Abot-Kamay ng mga may Kapansanan ang Pagunlad ng Pasigueno) PWD Federation, said the “cleanup ride aims to show the public that the riding community and Suzuki are part of the holistic approach in caring for our environment.”

Suzuki Burgman Street Elite Riders: Laguna Chapter, co-founder and team leader Jaz Tan added that they utilized social media channels, including Facebook, to invite as many participants to this worthy initiative.

“I am delighted with the number of participants. I want to thank them all and Suzuki Philippines for giving us the opportunity to join this event,” she added.

Her sentiments were echoed by Lifestyle on Wheels writer Alex Alo, who described how the riders tidied up Rave Forest and suggested that Suzuki expands the effort.

The Burgman experience

Interestingly, Burgman Street users were in unison with their praises about the scooter, which they said is the best in its segment — that is perfect for work, leisure travel and long rides.
“I have a knee problem that makes mobility challenging for me,” said “motovlogger” Telly Buhay of Turbanrider. “Burgman is perfect because of its spacious floorboard and step-through features. I am very satisfied with this scooter’s performance that I use it every day!”

Arius Franco, co-Admin for the Manila Chapter and Cocz Marcelo, administration officer in the Malabon Chapter, cited the Burgman’s fuel-efficiency that offers value-for-money and better mileage per liter. The large floorboard allows for more cargo space for Franco’s deliveries.

The Suzuki Burgman Street comes with a 125cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder, SOHC, two-valve engine that boasts up to 53.50 km/L consumption. It has sufficient power for daily city rides, and its smooth CVT automatic makes riding effortless that it requires only a simple twist of the wrist to operate.

Burgman Street also churns out 8.58hp and 10.2 N-m of torque. The air-cooled and fuel-injected engine is efficient and straightforward enough for daily tasks around the city, while remaining smooth and easy to operate. All of these at P78,900 pesos only.

“The Burgman also offers a comfortable ride. It’s like sitting on a sofa,” Marcelo added. “For me, Burgman is packed with relevant features.”

But for Gilbert Chao, a veteran writer and rider himself of, The Monitor Mindanao Today, and the Pilipino Star Ngayon, said the Burgman provides users with one of the best acceleration in its category, in addition to a comfortable ride. Most importantly, the size of the scooter makes it safe for the rider.

“In my opinion, Burgman provides better road presence (because of its size). The more noticeable you are on the road, the safer you are from other motorists,” he said.

Ride for the environment

According to Buhay, the one-day clean-up activity showcased that riders are not just about leisure or cross-region travel. It also speaks of the community’s responsibility to the environment through various initiatives such as this.

“Promoting environmental awareness is an integral part of Suzuki Philippines’ corporate social responsibility. We can start fixing the problems that threaten our ecosystem by teaching the community, our riders, and friends that the physical environment is fragile and indispensable. As stewards of the environment, we encourage everyone to participate in the change and teach our community what is needed to create a sustainable future,” Guba said.