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Getting to know positive relational energy



I was completely taken by a course in Harvard called Positive Relational Energy (PRE). Harvard discoursed that this energy effect is the secret to “igniting extraordinary performance.” This is the single largest predictor of success among leaders and organizations. It spreads like wildfire, becomes highly contagious but it cannot be copied, manufactured or forced.

PRE is an energy exchange between people that uplifts, enthuses and renews those he or she comes in contact with. It is not the type of energy you get from a second cup of coffee or a glass of wine. It is a naturally positive magnetic energy that some leaders have that draws others to them. It is a powerful energy that when used in organizations like Rotary creates extraordinary performance among its members just by being sincere, true and selfless.

In essence, as simple as it sounds, treating people like respected human beings with dignity lifts up the whole organization. It does not cost a cent but this energy effect holds the key to sustainable, long-term successes of projects, programs and grants. As we can see, by taking a genuinely human approach to leadership and people management, members feel more valued, understood, respected and they become important participants as they perform their roles in the organization.

Photograph courtesy of pexels/allan mas
PRE is an energy exchange between people that uplifts, enthuses and renews those he or she comes in contact with.

In studying networks and organizations, what Harvard found out was that the organizations that outperformed the others had something other groups did not have. They had a person at the center of the organization driving forward its objectives using the positive relational energy, uplifting everyone to perform their best. These people with positive relational energy are what Harvard calls, “positive energizers” as they offer organizations like Rotary a number of benefits like:

• Increased levels of engagement of its members
• Decreased member turnover (revolving door)
• Increased well-being
•Increased productivity for projects.

What we see is a type of domino effect where effective leaders increase members’ satisfaction which in turn, increases their dedication and commitment. Everyone is happier and fulfilled and everyone wins.

Photograph courtesy of pexels/pixabay
people with positive relational energy are what Harvard calls ‘positive energizers.’

To be an effective positive energizer may be observed in the leader’s active demonstration of their values through positive action matched by their words that should be aligned.

According to Harvard, what separates positive energizers from others is that they not only demonstrate but also manifest the virtuous actions of respect, integrity, a listening ear, commitment, hard work, forgiveness, compassion, care, humility, trust, kindness, generosity, gratitude, joy and recognition in the day-to-day performance of their work.

Let us all endeavor to practice this positive relational energy towards everyone in order to get the most fulfillment and satisfaction out of life, our important relationships and our work commitments.