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BBM will never affiliate with “enemies of the state” –- Sara



GUIMBAL, Iloilo – Vice presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio urged her supporters to vote for her presidential running mate Bongbong Marcos, saying that he will never affiliate himself with the “enemies of the state.”

“In this campaign, Bongbong Marcos would never form an alliance with political dissidents,” Sara told the crowd during their Visayas miting de avance held in Guimbal town, Iloilo on Tuesday evening.

“Bongbong Marcos will never sleep with the enemies of the state, never. He would never do that just to win,” she added.

But what was the context of Sara’s take on Bongbong’s character? In her speech at the rally, the Davao chief executive recalled a dark day in Davao City–April 28, 2017–when the enemies of state attacked a company.

She said she was already the Davao mayor when the group attacked the company and set it ablaze. Before leaving, the alleged communist rebels planted a bomb.

“The bomb explosion left one man dead,” she lamented.

Sara would later call the victim Larry and described how his death affected her psyche.

She recalled seeing how nurses tried to save the severely injured Larry. The least she could do was to reach out to Larry’s wife, so she could bring her to the hospital.

Sara said the blast took place on the day of Larry and his wife’s anniversary.

“I looked for Larry’s phone. I needed to call his wife or a relative. I searched in his cellphone and found the last message he sent,” Sara recalled.

“That last message read: ‘I love you. Happy anniversary.’ I believe it was his message to his wife and called her up immediately to tell her about the incident,” she narrated.

“Three days after [the blast], Larry passed away. As a mayor, when a constituent died like that, you will never forget it.”

She lamented how young children lost their father because of alleged insurgents.

Following their Visayas miting de avance, Bongbong and Sara will now head to their Mindanao miting de avance in Tagum City, Davao del Norte on Thursday, 5 May.