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Property initiates co-friendly home clean-ups



photograph courtesy of RLC MINIMIZE waste, maximize space.

Moving into a condo unit from a residential home or another unit always means reviewing one’s accumulated belongings. And for those who’ve lived in the same unit for years, decluttering one’s acquisitions — clothes, furniture, gadgets and all — means constantly editing if the pieces can still “spark joy,” as Marie Kondo puts it.

RLC Residences’ latest passion project “Minimize Waste, Maximize Space” was envisioned to help residents deal with spring cleaning their homes and to encourage more residents to declutter responsibly, the real estate company has expanded its program to more properties.

The initiative began last year and was activated in three RLC Residences properties as a way to advocate eco-friendly home clean-up among its residents. Now, the service has expanded to help Quezon City residents living at Escalades East Tower, Escalades at 20th Avenue, and The Magnolia Residences.

Getting the “Minimize Waste, Maximize Space” service is easy and free. Residents can take advantage of this offer by logging in to their myRLC Homeowner’s portal, going to the Humble tab and booking a pick-up schedule.

According to Karen Cesario, RLC Residences marketing head and chief integration officer, “Our promise to help our residents live their best lives goes beyond the usual services offered to them.
We are always on the lookout for more innovative ways to support their home needs while considering our environment as well. We are grateful to finally extend this passion project to more RLC Residences homeowners and allow them to do nature-friendly home clean-up.”

Soon, the service will be offered to other properties in Mandaluyong, Taguig and Manila including Gateway Garden Ridge, Robinsons Gateway Residences, The Trion Towers, McKinley Park Residences and Robinsons Place Residences.

RLC’s “Minimize Waste, Maximize Space” project is crafted in partnership with award-winning start-up Humble Sustainability. The first of its kind in the residential industry, this initiative is primarily created to help homeowners with their home clean-up needs. In addition, the project is crafted to provide a better solution to bring back unused items in the circularity instead of simply throwing away home items that are no longer used.

Josef Werker, co-founder of Humble Sustainability, expressed his team’s excitement about the partnership: “It’s an honor to have the opportunity of working with RLC Residences in any way, to now be expanding the partnership is truly a privilege. As a community, we must all work together and practice circular living if we are to get a step closer to achieving sustainability. Collaborations like this are a wonderful example of that.”

Go to the Humble tab at the myRLC Homeowners portal to learn more about this program. Homeowners can also approach their respective Property Management Office for more information.