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Iloilo as Phl next Innovation Hub: Master-planned developments, your most strategic investment just yet



Masterplanning, by definition, is the conscientious effort of developing or improving a property with the goal of ensuring a unified vision for its space. It’s coming up with a sustainable plan to calibrate the best utilization for the area while considering the needs of stakeholders who will be impacted by it.

If done right, a master-planned development, or better yet, a master-planned city, could do wonders for the people living in it. A stellar testament is Iloilo, a city poised to be a ‘premier innovation hub’ by 2030, on the back of the efforts of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Global Shapers Iloilo, and other local stakeholders and business groups. In recent years, Iloilo has made headways in becoming an exceptionally-integrated innovation hub, with several factors contributing to this growth — well-connected infrastructure, a fine risk-reduction management program, and the arrival of several big companies, seen to push the city towards being ‘the next economic epicenter’ in the Philippines.

Jaro, in particular, the largest district in Iloilo, has taken an active role in redefining its economic landscape with big-ticket projects that are expected to generate jobs and tourism opportunities. Initiatives like these not only prime up the region’s economy but also create an ideal environment for real estate investment. Investing in Iloilo now would mean maximum returns are undoubtedly in your cards.