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Pacman pushing Federalism



Senator Manny Pacquiao said he’ll push for a shift in the form of government to Federal-Parliamentary if he is elected president in the May elections.

In a radio interview, the lawmaker said he sees the shift as the solution to the problem of corruption in the country.

“We will push for it along with the strengthening of local autonomy,” the senator, known as Pacman atop the boxing ring where he captured titles in eight divisions before retiring, said.

“We will download the budget of the national government to local government [units] and let them implement it. After all, they’re the ones who know the problems of our country,” he said.

Pacman said he’ll push for the ratification of a new Constitution for the shift from Presidential to Federal-Parliamentary.

He said Federalism will empower local governments in managing their respective economies.

“God gave me the wisdom to eradicate corruption after I came to know all of it with my years in service,” Pacman said.

“Why would I run if I would only embarrass myself? I’ve protected my name for so long, why would I run for president if I don’t have any knowledge?” he said.

He said he’ll waive the application of the bank secrecy law on his deposits if he makes it to the Palace, a pledge also made by his fellow presidential candidate Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson.

But unlike Ping, Pacman said he’ll impose the same condition on members of his Cabinet, that they sign waivers on the secrecy of their bank deposits.