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Bren Victress registers another win at MWI, Omega Empress loses anew



Bren Esports Victress registered another win following a dominant performance against Singapore’s Lugiami on Day 2 of Mobile Legends: Women’s Invitational this Friday afternoon.

Krish, Lexaaa, Defrost, Taro, and ASHEE drafted a balanced lineup of Gloo, Yve, Ruby, Kimmy, and Ling while the Singaporeans fought with Cecilion, Mathilda, Paquito, Lylia, and Natalia.

Bren was off to a quick start as they got the first blood just a minute into the game. They dove turrets and took control of the mid lane while mechanically breaking turrets on top and bottom.

Barely eight minutes into the match, Bren was ahead on kills 12-1 and gold by 9,000. Six minutes later, Bren ended Lugiami’s misery as they capped the match with a lord push in 14 minutes.

ASHEE was given the MVP recognition for her performance, as she registered a 7/0/3 KDA with her Ling.

Earlier in the day, Omega Esports Empress suffered another loss on the group stage this time around against GPX Basreng of Indonesia.

The game was all GPX from start to finish, with the Indos scoring18 kills while Omega only registered 3 in a match that only lasted 11 minutes.