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Leni: Micromanagement needed in virus fight



Vice President Leni Robredo has vowed to be on top of the Philippines’ day-to-day pandemic response efforts if she wins the presidency, saying micromanagement is needed during a crisis.

Leni, known for her well-praised Covid-19 response initiatives, stressed the importance of leadership and clear strategies to address the ongoing pandemic.

“I’ll make sure I’ll be on top of everything,” she said in a YouTube interview that was aired on Wednesday. “When I said ‘I will be on top of everything,’ that’s day-to-day Covid response. I’ll administer it myself.”

Leni promised that all agencies and local government units would work “harmoniously” under her administration.

The presidential aspirant admitted that she is inclined to get into the details of her office’s pandemic-related programs, noting that she had fulfilled the tasks of her staff when they lacked manpower.

“During a crisis, we need to micromanage since the people’s lives are at stake,” she said.

“Since March of 2020, I am on top of all the Covid response operations of my office. I don’t choose what job to do,” the Vice President added.

She cited the initiatives launched by the Office of the Vice President amid the pandemic, including free swab tests in high-risk areas, shuttle services for frontliners, and drive-through vaccination sites.

Her office has partnered with the private sector and volunteer groups to implement these projects and to compensate for a meager annual budget.

Leni, who has repeatedly expressed frustration over President Rodrigo Duterte’s handling of the pandemic, lamented once again the supposed lack of decisive leadership at a time when people need it the most.

Two years into the pandemic, Leni noted that the country’s testing, tracing, and vaccination efforts against Covid-19 remain lacking.

The Philippines’ coronavirus tally jumped to 3.47 million on Wednesday as authorities reported 15,789 new cases.

Of these, 230,410 remain active cases, the majority of which are mild.