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Isko approves of same-sex union



For Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso, no simple yes or no could express his stand on the issue of same-sex union.

Isko, a presidential aspirant, on Wednesday clarified that while he did not express outright approval for same-sex marriage during a presidential interview, he clarified that he has nothing against same-sex union.

He claimed to have failed to quantify his response during the recent television interview as only a yes or no answer was asked from them.

“Whatever an individual’s preference is, I continue to respect that. I grew up with gays and lesbians, lived with them, dealt with them and I am happy and proud of having been with them so I continue to respect their preferences and private actions,” Isko said.

He used to work with members of the LGBTQ community when he was still active in show business.

The issue of same-sex marriage, he said, can be discussed later as his priority is to unite the nation while it is reeling from the pandemic and its bad effects on the people and the economy.

Isko pointed out that in Manila, all individuals are treated equally regardless of their sexual preference and this, he said, is evident in the composition of his staff alone.

He added that members of the LGBTQ community also get equal opportunity to serve in various capacities and even as heads of different offices, bureaus, and departments in the Manila City government.