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Bongbong: No SALN release if he wins presidency

All politicians have rivals. They are going to make an issue about you even if there is none. Corona is a prime example. There was no issue at all, but they made one, so he got ousted.



Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on 24 January said that he will not release his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN) to the public if he gets elected as president in the 9 May elections.

He expressed fear that his SALN can be used against him by political rivals.

“All politicians have rivals. They are going to make an issue about you even if there is none. Corona is a prime example. There was no issue at all, but they made one, so he got ousted,” Marcos Jr. said in a forum.

He was referring to the case of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona who was impeached and convicted for “betraying public trust” when he did not disclose all his assets, particularly his dollar accounts.

“If you look at it even more closely, the (impeachment) trial was a political decision, it was not an objective decision or an objective judgment on what he had done,” Marcos Jr. claimed.

“If that is going to be the purpose for it, some political agenda, then I don’t see the reason why the SALN should be given,” he added. “We have to be more protective. The SALN shows exactly what your economic activity has been all your life.”

But he’s willing to allow the courts or authorities like the Anti-Money Laundering Council to look over SALNs if a government official is facing a complaint.

Otherwise, there’s no reason to disclose it to anyone else. This contradicts his previous stance on the issue.

In a media interview in October 2021, he expressed willingness to release his SALN for the sake of “transparency and accountability.”

Martial law victim and senatorial aspirant Neri Colmenares criticized Marcos Jr. for the latter’s turnaround.

The law mandates all public officials to make their SALN available to the public. We cannot have a president who violates the law,” Colmenares said.

“Under Sec. 8 of the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, all public officials are required to file their SALN which ‘shall be available to the public for a period of ten years after receipt of the statement’,” he pointed out.

Marcos’ rivals for the presidency — Vice President Leni Robredo, Senators Panfilo Lacson and Manny Pacquiao, and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno — said they would follow the law.

Ombudsman Samuel Martires has imposed restrictions on public access to government officials’ SALN.

Marcos Jr.’s expressed his opposition to showing his SALN while facing a panel of journalists on 24 January.

Following a backlash over his absence in the Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews, Marcos Jr. faced reporters and editors from DWIZ, Philippine Graphic, Business Mirror, Pilipino Mirror, and CNN Philippines to answer questions about various issues.

The interview was moderated by Trixie Angeles, a program host on DWIZ.

Angeles’ group scrapped its original plan of interviewing Marcos live at 10 a.m. after encountering “technical difficulties.”

“Technical difficulties so we can’t broadcast live. So will upload as soon as we get stable internet,” Angeles said in social media post. The interview was held hours later.

Marcos Jr. is also expected to guest on One News, DZRH, and with showbiz talk show host Boy Abunda’s program this week. Abunda’s show aired an interview with Lacson on 24 January.

In 2014, Marcos had a total net worth of P228.02 million. He finished his term as senator in 2016. Daily Tribune was unable to get subsequent copies of his net worth.

In 2005, Marcos declared P79.29 million in net worth. From his SALN from 2005 to 2014, Marcos declared five business interests, namely: Augustus Management, Belverde Manpower, Inc. NIV Property Holding Co. Inc., MOST law firm, and SASIVI Holdings Inc.