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18 Covid deaths logged in 3 cities



Eighteen Covid patients died in the cities of Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela based on the latest report of their city health offices.

The Covid death toll in Valenzuela jumped to 890 on 24 January, or additional 12 casualties, while the number of active cases dropped to 984 from the previous 2,036.

A total of 42,774 have been infected by the virus in the city, and, of that number, 40,900 have been cured.

On the other hand, four died of the virus in Navotas, while 481 were active cases after 108 recovered and 12 new cases were recorded.

There have been 20,845 confirmed cases in the city, and, of that number, 19,745 have recovered while 619 died.

Meanwhile, two patients died in Malabon on 24 January, bringing the city’s Covid death toll to 693.

According to the City Health Department, 87 confirmed cases were added on the said date, bringing the total number of cases to 24,800, 235 of which are active.

On the other hand, 185 were added to the number of recoveries, bringing it to a total of 23,872 recovered patients.