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Marcos won’t release SALN if he becomes president



Bongbong Marcos said he will not release his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN) to the public if he wins as president in the 9 May elections.

Marcos expressed fear that his SALN will be used against him by political rivals.

“All politicians have rivals. They are going to make an issue about you even if there is none. Corona is a prime example. There was no issue at all, but they made one, so he got ousted,” Marcos said in a forum organized by DWIZ, Philippine Graphic, Business Mirror, Pilipino Mirror and CNN Philippines.

Marcos was referring to the case of the late Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato, who was impeached for allegedly “betraying public trust” by not fully disclosing all his assets.

“If you look at it even more closely, the (impeachment) was a political decision, it was not an objective decision or an objective judgment on what he had done,” Marcos claimed.

“If that is going to be the purpose for it, some political agenda, then I don’t see the reason why the SALN should be given,” he added.

However, he’s open for his SALN to be scrutinized by the courts or authorities like the Anti-Money Laundering Council.

“We have to be more protective. The SALN shows exactly what your economic activity has been all your life,” Marcos stressed.