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PBA accepts Korean offer



The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) is very much open to the possibility of forging a partnership with the Korean Basketball League (KBL).

PBA commissioner Willie Marcial said the PBA board of governors gave him the green light to engage, saying that he should accept the Koreans’ offer of a possible tie-up that will be beneficial to both leagues.

“They want cooperation, strengthening of relations and friendship. They want the PBA and the KBL to explore possible ways to improve both leagues,” Marcial said, looking forward to forging a partnership and cooperation that with the Koreans.

“The board said it’s okay. Let’s engage.”

In a letter to the PBA, KBL commissioner Kim Hee-Ok expressed his desire for a player exchange program with the Filipinos.

Marcial said both leagues are open to explore ideas on a dialogue.

“We have been trying to discuss several ideas that would be of interest for both of our leagues since last year but have yet to achieve any foothold due to the Ccovid-19 situation,” Kim said.

“I do hope the situation gets better soon so that we may strengthen the cooperation and friendship between both of our leagues. I also hope that our leagues exchanging players goes smoothly so that it may contribute to the development of Asian basketball.”

Marcial thanked his KBL counterpart for reaching out and expressed the PBA’s interest on a possible partnership.

“The PBA is very much willing to commence talks with the KBL,” he said.

“You are correct in saying that it would strengthen the cooperation and friendship of both our leagues and our countries through the development of Asian basketball.”

“We can begin by having our officers and groups meet online to explore some possibilities. We can set an online meeting that would work both ways.”