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Loading of MRT, LRT cards made easier



Passengers of Metro Rail Transit (MRT), Light Rail Transit (LRT), and Point to Point (P2P) buses will now have an easier way of loading their beep cards, as its operator, AF Payments Inc., is harnessing near-field communication (NFC) technology available in mobile phones to enable passengers to conveniently top-up their cards in just a few taps.

According to AF Payments Inc., using NCF is just a breeze, and in order to use the said feature, cardholders must download the latest version of the beep™ card app on their NFC-enabled smartphone.

NFC is a technology that allows two NFC-enabled devices to communicate when held in close proximity to each other—typically about 4 centimeters.

Our innovations are always aligned with what’s convenient for beep™ card customers.

NFC technology makes payments possible when consumers “tap” their NFC-enabled smartphones or NFC-enabled cards on or near NFC payment acceptance devices.

The company further said that in the main menu, a user should tap Buy beep™ Load and select the card to be loaded or input the details of an unregistered card.

The user will then be instructed to enter the amount or choose from the given denominations.

They should complete the payment details and wait for validation.

Finally, the user can receive the load by placing the card against the back of the phone, and the user should not remove it until the confirmation pops up on the screen.

The app currently accepts payments via Mastercard, Visa, or JCB credit and debit cards, as well as GCash, PayMaya, or QR PH, and carries a minimal processing fee.

“Our innovations are always aligned with what’s convenient for beep™ card customers. We’re adding a contactless way to reload that’s actually received in real-time in order to help our cardholders save time in queuing and to limit their exposure to Covid-19 when outside. With more and more transport and retail partners joining the beep™ ecosystem, we strongly encourage Filipino consumers and businesses alike to maximize the benefits of our contactless payment solution,” according to Sharon Fong, the chief commercial officer of AF Payments Inc.

Apart from real-time reloading, cardholders can use the mobile app to check their balance and monitor their transactions.

They can also earn reward points for every spend transaction, which can be redeemed as beep™ load or QR tickets for select routes.