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5K cops sack, over 20K penalized



The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Wednesday disclosed that at least 5,000 lawmen have been dismissed from service and more than 20,000 have been slapped with other penalties from July 2016 up to this month.

PNP chief Police General Dionardo Carlos said that the penalties depended on the gravity of the offense committed, but most were suspensions.

Citing records, Carlos said the Internal Affairs Service handled 37,124 administrative cases from July 2016 to 12 January this year, and 35,297 of those have been resolved.

Those that remain unresolved are still up for further investigation while making sure that due process is upheld, he added.

“It is with deep sadness to know that the PNP is stained with erring cops. These undesirable members of the organization must face the consequences of their actions,” Carlos said.

However, Carlos appealed to the public not to misconstrue the erring lawmen’s demeanor as a “system bloodline,” and assured that the PNP audit of line units remains operational as the force endeavors to end corrupt practices in the service.

The PNP chief also called on PNP personnel to keep their morale high despite the large number of erring cops.

“This is an opportunity to challenge yourselves to prove your worth as efficient and credible law enforcers. Remember what you’re here for. Go back to your core. You are not only trained with the appropriate skills, but you are embedded with the values that keep you grounded and upright,” Carlos said.