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Be part of solution, Go urges public



In view of the increasing number of new coronavirus cases, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go on Sunday urged the public to remain vigilant, disciplined and cooperative in order to be part of the solution as the government grapples with its response to the pandemic.

“Let us always remember that it is our shared responsibility to keep each other safe by complying with necessary health and safety protocols,” Go said in his weekly column, “Going Forward.”

Preventing the collapse of the healthcare system, according to Go, remains one of the priorities in the country’s ongoing fight against the pandemic.

He pointed out that government agencies are working night and day to increase hospital bed capacity in anticipation of a higher demand for hospital admissions.

“We are also making sure that patients who require medical attention are referred quickly and appropriately, and provided the care and attention they need,” the senator said.

These, along with other government measures, he explained, seek to keep the healthcare system afloat while also addressing the needs and concerns of the most vulnerable as well as our healthcare workers.

“You can also rest assured that the government is pursuing all possible options to manage the pandemic while also promoting the well-being of our economy. We have come a long way since the pandemic began, and I have no doubt that — as long as we work together for the common goal of saving lives — we will be able to respond to the problem better and more efficiently now,” he said.

As a senator and Chair of the Senate Committee on Health, the former presidential aide said he will also continue to push for and support legislation aimed at improving the health of the citizens, particularly the poorest and most vulnerable groups who require the greatest government attention.

“But, as I usually say, the government cannot handle the pandemic on its own. We will always require the Filipino people’s discipline and cooperation throughout this fight. You may demonstrate this by following government health and safety protocols and, most importantly, getting vaccinated,” he said.

Go encouraged the people to be heroes in their own right by getting vaccinated and putting a stop to the spread of the virus.

“Getting vaccine shots not only prevents serious infection. It has also been shown to prevent even death,” he said.

“As more Filipinos get vaccinated, it also helps the economy reopen and create more jobs for our people. Furthermore, it safeguards not only ourselves, but also our families, friends and communities. We have gone a long way towards recovery if not for the emergence of the Omicron variant. We should not put these efforts to waste to ensure that no one is left behind,” he added.