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Pinoy cagers chat with B.League fans

We were so excited to play against the Rising Stars.



Thirdy Ravena shares a light moment with B.League fans. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF Japanese B.League

Filipino imports shared a light moment with fans as they participated in the Japanese B.League Asia All-Stars Special Meet late Friday.

San-En NeoPhoenix sophomore Thirdy Ravena led 11 other Asian reinforcements in the special virtual event that served as replacement for the supposed 2021 B.League All-Star festivities this weekend.

Also in attendance were Shiga Lakestars guard Kiefer Ravena, Nagoya Diamond Dolphins cager Ray Parks, Toyama Grouses playmaker Dwight Ramos, Niigata Albirex forward Kobe Paras, Ibaraki Robots stalwart Javi Gomez De Liaño and Aomori Wat’s big man Kenmark Cariño.

Kiefer said it was unfortunate that the All-Star weekend had been canceled as ongoing Covid-19 surge abroad forced the league to scrap its plans.

The said imports were supposed to see action in an exhibition match against B.League’s Rising Stars team in Okinawa.

“We are very sad that we had to cancel the 2022 All-Star Game in Okinawa,” Kiefer said.

“We were so excited to get together with the Asian Quota Players. We were so excited to play against the Rising Stars.”

Aside from Ravena, Paras and Parks also shared their experiences adjusting abroad, especially with the fast-paced games in the regular season.

According to Paras, the most challenging part of his pro campaign was his adjustment with the back-to-back format of games.

“One thing that’s different is that it’s really fast paced and the fact that we have back-to-back games is just crazy,” Paras said.

“We have three games in a week. That’s pretty new to me, I think that’s one thing that really surprised me.”

Parks also seconded, but said the help of the Filipino community in Nagoya helped him to adjust well in his new environment.

“That’s a change, but at the end of the day, there’s a great Filipino community in Nagoya too,” Parks said.

B.League games will resume next week, featuring the much-anticipated tussle between the Ravena brothers on 22 and 23 January.