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Phl remains top outsourcing destination



Despite the persisting Covid-19 pandemic, the Philippines remains a hot market for business process outsourcing (BPO).

International BPO company iQor is ramping up its hiring effort to build a stronger workforce in the Visayas and Mindanao to match its projected growth.

“Building a strong workforce is not easy, but thanks to Iloilo’s thriving and job-conducive environment, we were able to get as much talent as we can, even during the most crucial times,” iQor director of recruiting for the Visayas and Mindanao Roselle Lao told reporters on Wednesday.

Lao said this year, iQor’s telecommunications account is estimated to grow by 20 percent. Hence, there is a demand for more workers.

In 2021, iQor’s jobs grew by 20 percent. Its Iloilo community also expanded by 37 percent — creating about 4,500 jobs for Ilonggos.

According to iQor Senior Director of Operations Tony Rizkallah, the company is committed to sharing its expertise in technology and customer service with the Philippine market.

“Our Ilonggo workforce truly delivers outstanding service and results to our clients. With Iloilo’s strong transportation and communications infrastructure network, iQor is always connected with the rest of the world,” Rizkallah said.

“We are committed to building (up) people by changing their lives and giving them better opportunities. We also build the communities they belong to. Prior to the pandemic, we conducted outreach activities, like giving out grocery bags and school supplies to barangays that need them the most. This is one of the core values of being an iQorian — we believe in the need to give back,” he added.

A leader in the Philippine BPO industry, iQor is an international BPO that provides outsourced customer contact solutions to global customers.

iQor’s digital technology innovations and supportive work environments empower employees to deliver meaningful customer experiences.

iQor adapted early in the COVID-19 pandemic, scaling secure solutions to support work-from-home opportunities for employees while maintaining superior customer service for clients.

At the beginning of the pandemic, iQor launched 18,000 work-at-home customer support experts in just 19 days. It continues to adapt and grow to meet changing needs and environments.

According to a statement by the IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), the IT-BPO sector has the potential to grow its revenue to $29 billion and add around 160,000 more jobs this year.