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Comelec expects mass action on Marcos DQ cases resolution



The Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Friday, 14 January, said it is expecting followers of presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos to gather outside its office on Monday, 17 January, when the poll body releases the resolution of the disqualification and cancellation cases against the son of the late dictator.

However, Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez, in an interview on Daily Tribune’s online morning program, Gising Na!, clarified that announcing and releasing decisions on election cases happen daily and are considered non-events.

“It will just be another day when a division of the Comelec issues a decision. Almost every day the division issues a decision. It is more important to us, I think, to prepare for the upcoming elections,” Jimenez said.

In any case, Jimenez added the poll body is looking at how it will manage the health and safety of people who will stage protests on Monday: We have to be on our guard to manage that.”

Jimenez said he also expects more scenarios, but hopes none of them would cause serious concerns.

“This issue is quite contentious and we expect that it will not end in the Comelec,” he said. “We will issue a decision but it does not mean that both sides will accept it. So, we expect there will be further actions moving forward. I just hope they don’t cause trouble in our office.”

The reading of the ruling will be streamed on Comelec’s Facebook page from its session hall.

Meanwhile, Jimenez said it is expected that the poll ballots will be printed on Monday.