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Dancing their way into a golden anniversary



Cupid played tricks on the red dancing shoes of Mario Queblatin. Alice Kintanar met her future husband at a birthday party over half a century ago due to the flashy kicks — nobody wore such bright a color, it was a clear standout as he played drums for the band.

As the evening deepened, she eventually found out they were dancing shoes. Their conversation simply led to their common passion — dancing — and naturally, they boogied and waltzed through the night.

After a long engagement of seven years, they tied the knot on 2 January 1972. Fast forward half a century, their married life still goes strong and is deserving for a grand celebration!

Victor, Cookie and Linaflor Chan (inset).


the couple with original Best Man Edgar Kintanar and Maid of Honor Maricon Kintanar (right).


Excellent and meticulous planners both, the married duo planned for their Golden Milestone two years ahead of time — completely unaware of what the pandemic-stricken future held.

For starters, they wished to renew their vows at the very same church of their wedding, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Capitol Parish Church.
Unfortunately, with the contagious omicron variant and the recent catastrophe brought about by super typhoon “Odette,” the couple resigned to revise their plans.

However, their grown-up children Cookie and Mark would hear nothing of such a postponement. Instead, they secretly planned an intimate celebration with all the details in check.

A simple afternoon Mass, officiated by the same priest who solemnized their Ruby anniversary in 2012, was held at the beautifully landscaped garden of their only son Mark and hands-on wife Syrah.

Sincere and touching renewal of oaths then followed. Mario and Alice once again promised to continue the partnership they built over the years — having shared tough decisions, trying compromises and endless love, through good times and bad, through sickness and health.

Children and their spouses, Cookie and Bruce, Mark and Syrah, stood as principal sponsors, while granddaughters Bernice and Serah and grandsons Benjamin, Marco, Anton and Martino were bridesmaids and groomsmen, respectively.

Mario and Alice with grandkids. Serah Maegan, Benjamin Paul, Bernice Raye, Marco Anton and Martino Anton.

The original Best Man, Alice’s brother Edgar Kintanar and Matron of Honor, her sister Maricon Kintanar, were also in attendance.

After the ceremony, the family gathered for an intimate dinner in the garden — sans electrical power due to the typhoon. The flicker of lights from mobile phones served as an intimate illumination.

The siblings then serenaded their parents with their favorite love song “Unforgettable,” as the couple danced. The grandchildren likewise sang a medley of pop songs.

In keeping with time- honored tradition, the golden pair sliced their wedding anniversary cake, had a toast of sparkling wine and intently listened to the touching short speeches and best wishes from family members.

When asked about the secret of their lasting marriage, Alice had this to say: “No marriage is perfect. We have to accept the differences and mistakes we make. But it is always a conscious choice to continue loving and be loved, no matter the circumstances.”