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Celebrating with caution

We really didn’t mind that the parties were well past the celebrators’ birthdays



And just like that — it’s the New Year. But what would normally be a month of togetherness and celebration has now turned into a season of isolation. Though Omicron symptoms are milder, it’s not to be taken lightly so we should still follow quarantine guidelines. We have to stay responsible and do our part so everyone can spend time together again!

Being responsible sadly means I won’t be able to enjoy a total birthday celebration yet again, and this time I can’t even celebrate with my family. But I choose to look at the bright side and I am glad we were able to celebrate so much during the holidays. Those were good times to look back on — lots of food and hangovers the next day!

ROSELLE Rebano and Ayna Ong.


BIRTHDAY celebrators Georgette Wilson and Ruby Chua.


BIRTHDAY celebrators Tess Castro and Roi Philips.

Speaking of good memories, let’s look back on the lucky ones who were able to  enjoy their birthday bash before the Omicron surge!

First was the joint birthday celebration of Ruby Chua and Georgette Wilson last December. We celebrated with our Amazing 5 group and friends till 2 a.m. at our favorite The Peak Speakeasy at Grand Hyatt Manila. It was an intimate sit-down dinner with a lot of laughter and spirits in-between!

Connie Haw and Nikki Tang were also able to celebrate together with a pastel theme last November. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and birthday celebration together with our besties at the Rizal Room of Manila House. I even got to see friends after  two years. So grateful for these people with almost a decade of affection and togetherness.

NOEL Oñate and Consul Helen Ong.


BIRTHDAY celebrators Nikki Tang and Connie Haw.


JOY Rustia, Alice Samson, the columnist and Carolyne Tan.


MARISSA Fenton and Marian


JUANCHO Robles and Pinky Tobiano.


KEITH Harrison, Cocoy Cordoba, Dr. Dimalanta. (Seated): Dr. George Sarkinis and David Ackerman.


TIFFANY Cuña and Brenda Ngo.


SHEENA and Emmanuel Lao, and Earl Villarosa.

Also, the joint birthday of Tess Castro and Roi Philips hosted by generous Cocoy Cordoba at his lovely home.

With all these celebrations, one thing’s for sure — it’s always better late than never. We really didn’t mind that the parties were well past the celebrators’ birthdays. What mattered most was we were able to reunite and party like old times, notwithstanding some restrictions.

As for me, I’m taking that same cue. Though my birthday is on 12 January, I’m happy to reschedule and move my birthday celebration to next month or when the Omicron surge ends. My Party People don’t mind. A party is a party, and we will gladly do our part so that we can help end this pandemic. In the meantime, we enjoy life the best way we can, apart from each other or together. Cheers, and stay safe!