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Streamer banned for grave threats



PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF TWITCH CAPTAIN Valenti displays rude behavior in Twitch, the biggest streaming platform in the world.

An Apex Legends streamer was banned in the world’s biggest streaming platform, Twitch, after he was caught threatening to kill the family of his teammates live on stream.

Wearing face paint and a cheap-looking vest while playing Apex Legends’ Arenas mode, Captain Valenti’s threat and homophobic rants were clipped then posted on Twitter by his teammate cirohsa.

“Mate, shut your f-cking mouth before I kill your whole family. Mate shut the f-ck up and stop doing school shootings in America you f-cking homosexual. Do you still do it? Are you still doing that school shooting in America, was that last week?” Captain Valenti said.

Naturally, his teammate called for his ban not only on Twitch but also on Apex Legends.

“Mentally ill teammates that have a breakdown over me telling them to stop dying. Watch until the end. Telling me you’re gonna ‘kill my entire family’ and calling me a ‘f-cking homosexual’ live on Twitch. Respawn and Twitch, let’s get this guy banned,” cirohsa said.

The tweet soon caught the attention of the gaming community, including Nicholas “Vein” Hobbs of North American Esports powerhouse 100 Thieves.

“This is actually disgusting,” Vein replied.

“Don’t feel too bad brother. This is literally the most non-threatening-looking guy ever. I don’t know if he thinks wearing a vest makes him some dollar store version of Dr. Disrespect, but he seriously needs some help,” another user tweeted.