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Robredo is lying in her TV ads

A wealthy meddling Filipino-American widow in the United States is probably bankrolling Robredo’s political misrepresentations.



It looks like Vice President Leni Robredo is so engrossed in the falsehoods she publicly peddles that she can actually tell a lie in her political advertisements on television without batting an eyelash. What she doesn’t realize is that nobody believes the hogwash she dispenses to the public in her commercials.

For starters, Robredo’s political advertisements are based on faulty premises.

Robredo says there is a need to restore public confidence in the government, and when that happens, investments will come in, and the economy will be robust again. Jobs, Robredo claims, will be plentiful, and nobody will be unemployed anymore.

She concludes her spiel with the preposterous claim that even if one is unemployed, he can always rely on the government — her government, that is, in the remote event that she succeeds in conning the electorate to vote for her in the May 2022 presidential elections.
To the unsuspecting public, Robredo’s TV commercials sound good, but they are nothing but empty, populist promises one can expect from a traditional politician seeking votes.

Her faulty assumption, that there is a need to restore public confidence in the government, is belied by the continuing popularity and public acceptance enjoyed by President Rodrigo Duterte, as indicated in the most recent surveys.

The truth is, there is enough public confidence in the government of President Duterte, notwithstanding the obstructionist activities of Robredo and her ambitious minions in the Liberal Party (LP).

Robredo’s promise of jobs for everybody is a blatant lie. Even the world’s leading economies have their share of never-ending unemployment.
Zero unemployment anywhere is impossible today, and in the predictable future, because economies worldwide have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Obviously, Robredo does not know what she is talking about, and just reads what is handed to her by her handlers.

Further, Robredo’s audacious promise that if she is elected president, the unemployed can always expect help from the government, is a fraudulent claim. Covid-19 is a reality that has adversely affected the Philippine economy, and promising every unemployed Filipino with financial assistance every time, as Robredo does, is a roadmap to disappointment for many.

Promising hope for all is one thing. Giving false hopes to the multitude, as Robredo does in her selfish quest for the presidency, is cruelty. One can only imagine in fear what other promises this traditional politician will make as the elections draw nearer.

The superficial character of Robredo is obvious not only in the empty promises she makes in her political advertisements, but also in the cosmetic aspect of her TV commercials.

Pink, not yellow, dominates Robredo’s TV commercials, to falsely suggest that Robredo is no longer associated with the yellow army of the much despised and derided LP. That is, in itself, another misrepresentation because it is an open secret that Robredo’s campaign is managed by the LP. Even her vice-presidential running mate, outgoing Senator Francis Pangilinan, remains a top officer of the LP. That’s fraud!

In her TV commercials, Robredo sports eyeglasses to make her look like an intellectual. Despite that cosmetic charade, everybody can see that Robredo is not an intellectual. Robredo can’t even speak in straight English when she talks to the media. Her handlers probably think that it makes the aging Robredo sound like a college girl.

Robredo can’t even be true in her TV commercials, so why should she be entrusted with the presidency in May 2022?

Late last year, Robredo claimed that she does not have the funds to launch a presidential campaign. That claim notwithstanding, Robredo’s TV commercials are always on the air on primetime television. That costs hundreds of millions of pesos.

A wealthy meddling Filipino-American widow in the United States is probably bankrolling Robredo’s political misrepresentations.

Robredo passed the bar examinations only on her second attempt, which explains her difficulty understanding the law. No bar flunker has ever become president.