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As the Covid-19 pandemic disrupts our way of life, it is driving technological innovation, particularly in the medical field.

Among the inventions inspired by the killer virus were new infection detection methods like the saliva test and masks that “can trace coronavirus” after being exposed to ultraviolet light (UV). For vaccine delivery, there is a less invasive nasal spray that may hit drugstores sooner or later.

For protection, a variety of masks and UV disinfection lamps were introduced in the market. Of course, pharmaceutical firms developed Covid medicines to treat the infection of critical patients like Pfizer’s Paxlovid.

Lockdowns to control the pandemic also prompted inventions for easing boredom and stress from isolation or prolonged home confinement. For example, Japanese professor Homei Miyashita of Meiji University developed a new television that allows viewers to taste the food they are watching.

Miyashita’s TTTV or Taste the TV features a device with 10 canisters containing different flavors and hygienic film that rolls over a flat-screen on voice command. It works by spraying a combination of flavors on the film surface that matches the taste of the food being shown on the screen. The viewer can then lick the film to savor the food.

In a demonstration of the TTTV, a student asked for a chocolate flavor and a plastic sheet came out. Upon licking the film, the student said it tasted like milk chocolate.

The TV lets viewers experience eating in a restaurant abroad, according to Miyashita.

Gourmand TTTV users may find the machine interesting but tasting the unusual “health drink” of a former male model of the fashion house Versace can prove challenging.

Troy Casey of Arizona, USA claims the potion he drinks daily since 2008 keeps him younger than his age of 55. He also applies it on his skin as an anti-aging moisturizer while a fermented version used as an enema cleans his gut and keeps his stomach flat, he said.

Casey dares others to emulate him to experience the same health benefits by drinking his own urine.

“People should be scared if they’re eating s–tty food and doing pharmaceutical drugs. Why should they be scared to try their own urine?” Casey said in an interview with News Dog Media.