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Some folks’ Christmas celebration was incomplete as they have yet to receive their holiday gifts up to this week. Delivery delay is being blamed for leaving some presents in limbo.

As of New Year’s Day, Briton Lee Austin was waiting for the status update on the delivery of his presents for his children who live in Burnley, England. He sent the parcel through courier Hermes on 1 December in the hopes of bringing it to the recipients in time for Christmas Day.

Austin was reportedly advised that the package was out for delivery on 7 December but another message from Hermes later that day informed him that the item was too large and had to be brought back to the depot so it could be transported in another way. Hermes’ last advice on 10 December was that the parcel was back in the depot. The customer complained he never heard from the courier anymore.

Fellow countryman Joseph Kenyon of Accrington, England also complained that a package he sent on 12 December did not move for eight days, while a Blackburn resident’s three ordered presents on 10 December apparently got lost.

Meanwhile, another Hermes customer received his package on 26 December but strong winds blew it away from his doorstep. He ordered a replacement for next-day delivery but there was no status update for a week.

In Escambia County, Florida, USA, Jaclyn Chattin lost the bag of gifts for her five-year-old son Dawstin while she was reportedly driving home on 24 December. The boy was disappointed to have no Christmas present the following morning. Fortunately, a man found the bag on the side of a road and turned it over to the local police station.

The county sheriff’s office posted a photo of the bag on social media and found its owner, who apparently did not notice the bag falling from her car. Chattin got her son’s gifts back on the same day.

In Central Florida, Holly Pomeroy’s family got probably the most belated Christmas presents. A cousin brought to Pomeroy in December a box of gifts from her grandparents.

In her TikTok post of the gifts on 27 December, Pomeroy wrote that her cousin found them in the attic of her late grandfather’s house after he died on 16 November. The wrapped presents included a flashlight and massage chair for her dad, a pink fleece robe and a pink Snuggie for her, and a blue Snuggie for the sister.

The presents were not for last Christmas but likely from 2014 when the Pomeroys weren’t able to visit and their grandfather forgot about it after packing them away when his wife died the following year, she told Fox.

The Christmas card with money were from Pomeroys’ great-grandparents and was supposed to be received in the 1990s but was also forgotten, she added.

The gifts were the very last ones the Pomeroys would ever receive from their grandparents and great-grandparents as