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Lockdown visions

Ana has traveled extensively and lived in several countries as the wife of Ambassador Raul Hernandez, present spokesperson of the Department of Foreign Affairs.



Ana Algabre Hernandez, a multi-talented artist whose passion for art was inherited from her prolific sculptor-watercolor painter father, lovingly developed and carefully nurtured her talents.

Ana has traveled extensively and lived in several countries as the wife of Ambassador Raul Hernandez, present spokesperson of the Department of Foreign Affairs, with sterling assignments in various capital cities of the world and most recently, in the Republic of Tukey. She promoted her country’s exquisitely-preserved culture and well-loved traditions through her paintings.

She has exhibited her artworks in Angeles City, Seoul, Korea and Ankara, Turkey and has donated some of her works to relevant institutions such as libraries, multi-cultural houses and museums.

Ana Algabre Hernandez’s artworks (from top): ‘Ang Pasko ay Sumapit,’ ‘Strolling Women’ and Paskuhan Village.

Upon the invitation of hoteliers Justin and Jason Uy, chairperson and CEO of the luxury first and only of its kind JPark Island Resort and Water Park, respectively, Ana presented her three-series collection entitled Sparks of Hope at the majestic grand ballroom of the property.
Present at the ribbon-cutting were the inseparable brothers, Lapu-Lapu City first lady Cindy Chan and resort manager Jonathan Nowell.

Spurred by her creative imagination and known for the distinct imagery of her subjects, Ana uses vivid colors that radiate. Her works immerse the viewers on themes of nature, humanity, identity and solitude. Her artworks are fruits of her love, aspirations and meaningful life experiences.

The first series, entitled The Canvas in Mind, was conceptualized during the initial lockdowns while still residing in Ankara, Turkey. It addressed the impact of quarantine on mental wellness. During this time of solitude, she likewise composed an inspiring poem with the same title.

Event organizer Ritchie Mendoza and Ritchel Bojos, sales manager of JPark Resort.

Catherine Hernandez and Anita Hee Eun, marketing director of JPark Resort.


the artist with husband Ambassador Raul Hernandez.


GM Jonathan Nowell and Honorary German consul Franz Seidenschwarz.


Ana Algabre Hernandez, Justin Uy, Cindi Chan and
Jason Uy.

The Chrismus or Bulaklakan series came about through a fusion of Christian and Muslim traditions. While the Bulaklakan dance is usually offered to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Catholic belief, the shape and shades were reminiscent of the beautiful sarimanok, the legendary mythical bird from the Muslim provinces of Mindanao.

The rest of the artworks were from the Christmas postcard series, where the spirit of the Holidays lives on with much love, hope and gratitude.

Ana, a prolific writer of children’s stories, is likewise known for her books Welcome Abroad and Binibining Stewardess. The author wishes to continue inspiring her audience with love, optimism and appreciation, through her delicate brush strokes and poetry.