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Enzo interprets karaoke



Let’s kickstart the year with some good vibes and some culture! I’m looking back at the wonderful exhibit or Enzo Razon. Aside from being a multimedia creative expert.He is also known as the only son of the  Solaire Resort and Casino tycoon Enrique Razon.

Enzo Razon is one to watch out for in the local art scene. He’s a Film and Visual Media graduate of Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts and now creates masterpieces with video, drawing, and photography.

LIZZA Nakpil and Ernest Escaler.


PAOLO del Rosario and Malu Fernandez.


ENZO Razon family — Enrique Razon, Lizzie Razon, artist Enzo Razon and his only sister, Katrina Razon.


BINKY Dizon, Tracie Anglo-Dizon and Carrie Gorriceta.



His exhibit, which I went to last 14 December 2021 at the Leon Gallery in Makati, was his second solo exhibition entitled Songs. It featured a series of macro shots that paid homage to the Filipino pastime of and passion for singing accompanied by a karaoke machine.

According to Enzo, “Whenever we sing karaoke, we transform and project almost immediately onto this larger mental plane. There is an extension of scale and feeling totally disproportionate to where our body is situated, and regardless of who is around us.”

Like Enzo said, karaoke does give us a larger-than-life feeling. No wonder why we love it! I myself love to sing karaoke because it makes me feel happy and free.

Inspired by the greatness and influence of this daily and special occassion pursuit, Enzo reinterpreted it by playing with proportion and scale.
He used macro or large-scale photographs of landscapes and vocal cords, throats, and tongues. He also played with these stills by adding superimposed lyrics that mimic karaoke visuals. The lyrics are all his personal favorites, but also reflect the “declarative bigness” of passionate singing and unapologetic emotiveness a person does when singing.

JENNIFER Sarmiento and Ofelia Wadle.


CHRISTIAN Tantoco and Ian Anderson.




JAIME Ponce de Leon and Derek Flores of Leon Gallery.


ALEX Uy and Tim Tan.

Listening to music evokes imagery. Through Songs, Enzo reversed the process and used still images to spark the recall of certain sounds — a sense to render another that isn’t present.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay that long as I had to head to a Christmas party. But I also soaked up much of Enzo’s images. I especially found the macro shots of the tongue so intriguing. It’s one of the things we use most often daily, but often overlook. And it’s so interesting to see it that up close, much bigger than its normal size. True to the theme, indeed.

Enzo has been lauded for his unique and inventive style, and rightfully so! In his second exhibit  I appreciated his unique point of view and how he made a big deal out of everyman’s karaoke.

ENZO photographs entitled ‘Take Me Home’ and ‘Start of Something New.’


THE columnist and the artist, Enzo Razon.

Enzo is also the creative director of Tarzeer Pictures, a photography and creative production group. Enzo indeed is the total creative.
Congratulations, Enzo. I know that your parents are so proud of you, and more importantly, I trust you are proud of yourself, too. Your work is amazing and uniquely you.