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Celebrations of life keep us together

The solemn baptism rites bestowed upon Iñigo Lorenzo were held at the Archdiocesan Shrine of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.



As we finally bid goodbye to 2021, we enthusiastically welcome the year 2022. While 2019 and 2020’s Covid-19 stopped the entire world in its tracks, 2021 brought renewed knowledge to combat the virus and the eventual rollout of vaccines. Despite the looming threats of new variants, optimism still springs eternal. So let us turn over a new leaf and warmly embrace the incoming year with new beginnings, fresh hopes and a positive mindset.

Birthdays and baptisms are always meaningful occasions. Celebrating these two heartwarming events together allows family members and dear friends to gather and appreciate the meaning of life, all in one go.

That is exactly what transpired during one recent endearing evening, as well-wishers heralded the significant milestone birthday of promising obstetrician
-gynecologist Andone Tan and the christening of her month -old baby Iñigo Lorenzo.

Jetrix and Kim Arriola, Francistoni and Krissa Serafica, Andone and Lance, Melissa and Diego Cañizares, Lalaine and Gary Moriles.

The solemn baptism rites bestowed upon Iñigo Lorenzo were held at the Archdiocesan Shrine of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Witnesses to the once-in-a-lifetime, welcome-to-the-fold Holy Sacrament of the Catholic church were both sets of parents, namely, Lance Bernardo and Andone Tan, with kindhearted grandparents Eli and Catherine Tan and Francis and Joan Bernardo.

Lehn Jarque, Isabel Velasco, Christina and Mike Sasnovski.

Among the ever-supportive sponsors were dear family members and close friends such as Andrea Mae Muñoz, Melissa Bernardo, Mary May Weigel, Tweety Visitacion, Francisco Bernardo, Romulo Bernardo, Francistoni Serafica and Mario Rizon.

After the religious ceremony, their next stop was the Glass Pavilion Beverly View to continue the double festivities.

Andone and Lance with Ramon and Ella Cabahug, Emeline Cabahug and Marlou Veloso.

On hand to welcome the people of the hour were Ramon and Emeline Cabahug, Gigi Chan, Gary and Lalaine Moriles and Michael Gimarino.

Melissa, sister of dad Lance, gave a heartwarming speech welcoming Andone to the family and Iñigo to the Christian world.

photographs courtesy of tan family
(from top left, clockwise): Eli and Catherine Tan with sons Endika and Andrew; Andrea and Agustin Muñoz wiith their one and only Eleandre; Andone Tan and Lance Bernardo with their baby Iñigo; and Francis and Joan Bernardo.

Then, a touching and moving surprise transpired: Lance walked up to Andone with a beautiful bouquet of long-stemmed white roses. He then wholeheartedly declared his love and loyalty once more to her and their new baby.

After dinner, individually packed creamy chocolate cupcakes were distributed as a testimony to a heart-tugging affair.