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The party people are back!

Life is a party, and we will always be the life of the party!



The party people are ready to ring in the New Year the only way we know how. I am really excited and looking forward to starting 2022 with my besties. We may have been in quarantine for the past two years, but it’s starting to feel a little better because the restrictions have relaxed and Covid cases have lowered.


Tim Yap / Photographs courtesy of Agile Zamora

Life of the party: Birthday boy Chris Badiola, consul Agnes Huibonhoa and Tina Cuevas

These relaxed rules are in our favor. My friends have made the most out of it because a lot of the parties that got canceled this year due to the pandemic have finally pushed through.

Mayenne Camorna’s birthday dinner with her guests Armand Santos and Manila 1st district representative Manny Lopez. (Standing): Celebrator Mayenne Carmona, Jo Zabarte, Suzette Lopez and Frannie Jacinto.

Dana Silverio and Ofelia Wadle.

My favorite party boy, Chris Badiola, for example, just had his late celebration at Manila House courtesy of consul Agnes Huibonhua and Ms. Tina Cuevas. Lucky guy!

Linda Ley and Connie Haw.

Dra. Elsie Pascual and Tessa Prieto Valdes.

Meanwhile, another fave party girl, Mayennne Carmona, had her own celebration at the Crystal Dragon in City of Dreams. She had to reschedule it many times this year due to strict Covid-19 restrictions. But she insisted and so we partied. Better late than no party at all.

Cris Albert New Year’s dinner: Shelly Lazaro, Len Olbes and the celebrator.

And just last 28 December, Cris Albert held her Best Dressed Dinner for our small group of eight. It’s crazy because I was with friends I haven’t seen in two years. It was really an amazing way to end this year.

Jerianne Ejercito

These back-to-back celebrations really got me looking forward to the New Year because it seems like things are going back to our normal, a.k.a. having our calendar fully booked with dinners, birthdays and more. Parties anywhere, everywhere and every day! And more parties means more gossip, getting to know new faces, to even talking about scammers.

Xavier Btesh

Fun party fact: Sometimes, people run into other people they don’t like but we really can’t avoid it, so they end up like BFFs! Funny really, but it’s all part of the life of a partygoer. But no matter what or who we encounter, it’s always fun! Not complaining, and I wouldn’t change it one bit.

The Columnist.

For us, party people, we really enjoy the party itself. It’s not about the publicity or whatever. That’s why we stay ’til the party ends.

This 2022, I’m looking forward to all the celebrations we will be having. Here’s to good health and better situations so we can continue partying like there’s no tomorrow. Life is a party, and we will always be the life of the party!