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Marvin Agustin sorry for ‘cochinillo’ fiasco

Customer @medina_mike said the pig skin was tough, a far cry from its advertised crunchiness. ‘Even the roast beef, it’s mostly fat. We are very disappointed.’



PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF IG/MarvinAgustin / Marvin Agustin

Marvin Agustin’s much-hyped cochinillo (roast piglet) has left a bad taste in the mouth. On Christmas Day, the actor, who has successfully transitioned into a chef and restaurateur, issued on his Instagram and Facebook accounts a public apology over the disappointment of people who ordered his holiday food fare.

Customers were not happy with the cochinillo celebrity chef Marvin Agustin boasted on social media. / Photographs courtesy of IG/marvinagustin

“My worst Christmas. I will learn from this. I’m very sorry, everyone,” he wrote, expressing remorse for the fiasco.

The 42-year-old celebrity admitted to being overwhelmed by unforeseen problems, failure to provide adequate service and slow response to customer concerns as complaints and negative comments about his food surfaced on social media.

Agustin, co-owner of the restaurants SumoSam, Marciano’s, John and Yoko, Johnny Chow and Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, recently opened By Secret Kitchen — a food takeout and delivery service.

For the holidays he started promoting his cochinillo, roast beef and other items. And people placed orders.

But the impressions were disastrous.

Customer @medina_mike said the pig skin was tough, a far cry from its advertised crunchiness. “Even the roast beef, it’s mostly fat. We are very disappointed.”

Commented @erylmarga: “Mine as well! I preordered cochi last Christmas Eve and another one on the 25th. Both worst experience! Followed up my order several times and zero response!”

When the roast piglet finally arrived, the skin was soggy, said the customer who added she felt embarrassed since she had boasted about it to her in-laws.

The next day, the customer said the cochinillo arrived late again and this time had burnt skin. The excuse Agustin’s team was said to have given was the oven broke down.

“My gaad, I mean you paid so much and you just have to accept it?!!

@marvinagustin I sent you a PM regarding this… We paid P13,000 for two types of dishes, cochinillo and roast beef, for the most awaited event of the year. This is really poor customer service.”

In his apology, Agustin explained: “I had a series of unfortunate incidents from our kitchen equipment breaking down, a glitch in our ordering system and last-minute cancelations of couriers…”

He added, however, there’s no excuse “not to give you the service you deserve and expect.

“My team and I have reached out to some of you, the people I have caused terrible inconvenience and an awful experience during the most important and special occasion of the year. And you will continue to hear from us in the next few days…

“I promise each one of you, we will do better.”

Agustin did not mention whether the disgruntled customers will be given a refund or a replacement of his vaunted cochinillo.