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Marites Allen on taming the Water Tiger



(First of two parts)

2022 will be ruled by the Water Tiger. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF UNSPLASH/MIRANDA RICHEY

The year 2022 will be ruled by Water Tiger, a fierce and wild animal that can be tamed and trained if one wills it to be.


This is the prognosis of feng shui expert Marites Allen in her well-attended yearly conference. This is the second year that Allen is conducting it online since the global pandemic was declared in 2020.

According to Allen, the Yang animal signs belonging to the Tiger, Horse and Dog will be boosted by the energy of the year. The Monkey, despite its being the conflict animal sign of the Tiger, will not fare as badly.

The destiny chart of the Water Tiger is marked by heavy Wood and Water elements, some Fire and Earth, but total absence of Metal elements. Allen suggests wearing metal mantra elements to remain lucky for the year.

“Excessive Wood and Water suggest heavy movement and traveling especially those born in the year of the Monkey,” Allen said.

Year of separation
“Now, the missing Metal element infers in people to act and move more independently. Thus, there will be more division rather than partnership. Metal is a magnet and represents connection — connecting people. And therefore, its absence in 2022 will indicate many forms of separation,” she said.

“And so I declare the Year 2022 as a year of separation.”

“I said in 2021 that it is a year of break-up. The year 2022 is a year of separation,” the feng shui master stresses.

“This could mean a lack of justice to those who need it — for instance, those resulting in human rights violations not being resolved. People will tend to be lazy, stubborn and envious.”

In the financial institutions, she added, and as society continues to get into banking technology, the existence of cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and blockchain technology will pose threats to the banking system but it will gain more ground in our everyday lives.

“Opportunities to make money and attract fortune will be scant for others, but hey, because of the presence of the wealth energies of the year, but because 1 February and 4 February is the beginning of Spring, then we can look forward to some wealth benefits and wealth opportunities for the year.

“This could be a time for the rich to be richer, and the poor to become poorer. Now, beware, because the fall of the rich could also happen instantly.”

On the environment, Allen gave this prognosis: “The preservation of nature, the quality of life, what we consume, what we eat, what we wear should be taken into serious consideration. There should be less waste, less carbon footprint, less harm to nature.”

In line with this, Allen talked about the impact of the Misfortune Star No. 5 that is present this year and “which is present in our homes, our offices, our locations is something that we should really be careful of. This could impact some tsunamis and water-related incidences as well.

“It could also mean illnesses especially in the digestive system and the continuation of Covid-19 throughout the year,” Allen noted.

The wild side of the Water Tiger extends to the real estate sector as well. “(There will be) volatility in the property market but there will be a possible bubble where buyers can enjoy a good deal indeed.

“If you are the buyer, this will be a black Friday for you. However, if you are the seller, you may incur losses.

“The first quarter of the year will be quiet with things perking up within the year.”

Favorable industries in 2022 will be the water-related ones. These include maritime, transport, aquaculture and shipping can enjoy new markets and “profitable and sustainable activities.” investments in these businesses will be auspicious.

Businesses involving innovation and technology will also be very profitable. People should watch for developments in e-banking and e-commerce for growth of their businesses.

Part 2: How your animal sign can slay and roar in 2022.