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How to create your own self-care plan

Consider the eight main areas in self-care: Physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, social, professional/ financial, environment, purpose.



It’s the timeliest of gifts to yourself: A personal self-care plan for your life. Call it a “look-after-yourself” strategy and more.

Considered a vital instrument to ensure fulfillment in all aspects of life, in essence it is a well-thought-out guide to total well-being: Body, mind and spirit. This plan engages you to continuously learn and improve on skills you may need in order to meet goals that you set for yourself. Shall we begin?


The Plan

Much like a corporate plan with a vision, you can start by visualizing what you expect from yourself, today and tomorrow.

Consider the eight main areas in self-care: Physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, social, professional/ financial, environment, purpose.



Being connected to your body, how it feels, what it needs, how to enhance its vitality and strength, how to nourish it:

Exercise — Choose one that is compatible with your age and lifestyle. But whatever the age, include morning power walking for 20 minutes daily.

Include morning power walking for 20 minutes daily. / Photograph courtesy of Unsplash/Gabrielle Henderson

Eat and drink healthy — Go organic if you can, add more veggies to your eating regimen, hydrate generously with water.

Quality sleep — Say no to sleep deprivation, get seven to nine hours of sleep nightly.

Personal Hygiene — stay clean, bathe daily.

Relaxation — Don’t overwork yourself, take short breaks.

Health Plan — Your future needs should be considered as you enter the senior years. Consider good medical and health insurance coverage in anticipation of emergencies and matters requiring medical attention.



Increasing your emotional quotient or EQ by learning how to listen to others. Learning to listen to your own emotions by reading yourself each time you feel the need to process a feeling, manage stress levels. Learning how to be kinder to yourself:

• Stop, look and listen. No to overthinking or over-worrying. Do not overextend yourself in pleasing others; try to please yourself, too.

Mark your boundaries. People have to learn to respect your invisible boundaries in order to respect you.

Reflection — Find time for some quiet time.

Me Time — This is a sacred ritual. Once a week, make time for yourself. It is quality alone time. By learning how to be comfortable with yourself, you can build up your own
self-confidence and self-reliance.

Love yourself — You are special and unique. There is no one like you. Know it. Believe it.



Strengthening your values and beliefs to help you draw greater strength from your spirituality no matter the challenges you may face:

Pray and meditate — Some may have novenas or regular prayer time. Others prefer to go to church for praise and worship.

note down your reflections and inspirations in a journal. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF UNSPLASH/marten bjork

Journal — Start a spiritual journal; note down your reflections and inspirations.

Nature walk — Being close to nature draws you closer to the awesomeness of God’s creations.

Prayer circles — People in prayer give one another a spiritual safety net. Join one.

Knowing what is toxic or non-toxic to you is a way of self-defense; learning new skills to increase creativity; enhancing your knowledge to expand your mind:

Family — Keep your family close to you. Family ties are unbreakable.

Screening — Start screening the people in your life. Know who uplifts you or does not.

Detox — It’s time to detoxify yourself from gadgets especially when you have realized that it’s easier to surf the net than talk to people.

Affirmations — Affirm daily the good things, acknowledge your talents and skills, put yourself up, not down.

Motivation — It is important to be the person who inspires you. Get into some positive self-talk.



Valuing your friends, expanding your circle, staying close to childhood friends who remain true and loyal:

Keep in touch — Reach out to your inner circle of good friends, connect and converse with them as often as possible.

Humor — The best medicine of all is to laugh and let go.

Add more fun into your life. 

Fun — Add more fun into your life. Do things you have always wanted to do even as a child.

Expanding your professional capabilities, developing professional skills, setting boundaries

Know your professional needs and standards. Express these to your superiors and the people you work with.

Attend webinars and seminars to improve your knowledge.

Appreciate your colleagues and let them appreciate you.

Financial security — Forecast your financial needs and come up with a practical solution to your everyday needs.

Consider investment options that will provide you financial security.

Caring for the environment is an intrinsic part of living well and healthy. Get involved.

Participate — Do your part in caring for your surroundings. Start with a clean, uncluttered home. Plant an edible garden.
Get involved — Volunteer in causes that involve Earth-saving methods like recycling and solutions to problems caused by the use and disposal of plastics and toxic wastes.

Purpose — Ultimately, you will ask yourself what exactly is your purpose on Earth. Only you can answer this question.

Civic-mindedness — Join any civic organization. There is always a need for someone like you to help out. To uplift the life of another is one of the best ways to spread more kindness in the world. In this way, you can help heal those who are broken and helpless.

Affirmation: “I am a healer. And my kindness is good medicine to those in need.”


Love and Light.