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Party trays, boodle fights at Tindahan ni Tarsee



Monsta’ Grillz’s Giant Burger.

As this year’s edition of Tindahan ni Tarsee comes to a close, a number of local entrepreneurs still have so much to offer.

From a humble home kitchen comes ILLO’s Party Trays, which is making a name in the food industry in a short period of time. ILLO’s specializes in gourmet food that you won’t get tired of eating because of its complementary flavors. It has authentic tasting dishes that come from all over the world. If you’re hosting a party and want to impress your guests, then ILLO’s Party Trays is your partner in crime.

The burgers are huge at Monsta’ Grillz.

Now, let’s talk about masks. Is your facial covering ruining your outfit? Does it come loose when you’re engaged in sports or exercising outside? Do you want to use environmentally-friendly and get washable masks? Mask Habit can easily address these issues.

It has masks that can be turned into scarves, those made of lace for something fashionable, with Velcro for more security, a mask and hat combination, and so much more. And the best part? For every purchase, it gives back to frontliners and anybody it sees on the streets who aren’t wearing one. You’re not only helping its business and the economy, but you are also helping others.

ILLO’s Party Trays’ strawberry shortcake.

Back to food. A perfect addition to your party is The Murang Seafood Platter that gives you a chance to build your own boodle feast, according to your guests’ cravings! It serves shrimps, mussels, crabs, crawfish and lobsters. It also has corn on the cob and baby potatoes on the side, and its specially curated sauces are the cherry on top. You get so much for an affordable price — and did I mention that all orders are delivered fresh to your doorstep? Yup, you read that right. The seafood is fresh, because it comes straight from its fishermen suppliers. If that doesn’t impress you or your guests, I don’t know what will.

Make your Christmas feast festive at ILLO’s Party Trays.

However, if you want to try something fun, try Big Roy’s Boodle Fight-BF Parañaque. Bring your family or friends and indulge in Filipino food staples together! It serves all your favorites, but made better. All the meat served is tender and has a distinct flavor that will make you ask for more. And if you’re looking for dried seafood, try its Tiyo Pusit which is sourced from suppliers from different parts of the country. Highly recommend is its laing — just pure laing with no additional ingredients as you will remember from your childhood.

Chef N of ILLO’s Party Trays shows off his specialties.

And if you and your loved ones want to try something new, head over to Calle Aguila in Las Piñas and try Monsta’ Grillz. It serves giant burgers measuring up to 15 inches across, and you can choose to have either nachos or fries as a side. Imagine having a gigantic burger in front of you, nearly occupying the entire table. Imagine the thrill of not knowing whether you can finish your order or not. Of course, taking a selfie for the ’gram can grab the attention of many and make you the talk of the town for discovering something new and unique!

Choose a mask to match your look at Mask Habit PH.

This week’s Tindahan ni Tarsee has been a fun one, with so many businesses showing their many surprises.

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