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Symbols of hospitality in Tindahan ni Tarsee



Time truly flies when one is having fun, which was the case during the third week of Tindahan ni Tarsee. It was another season for scrumptious foods to chow on that’s perfect for the holidays.

As quarantine restrictions eased, the likelihood of finally celebrating a joyous Christmas and a grand New Year with our loved ones increases.

Cochinillo and Beyond will provide the perfect feast for a family. Enjoy its crispy lechon skin that is easy to chew on.

The lechon meat is so tender that it will be a pride to present and to serve guests. The buttery java rice, baked chicken, and corn and potatoes on the side will fill up tummies with great satisfaction.

If craving for homegrown products, CSI Feelipinas is home to different Filipino food staples from all over the country.

Salted eggs, kakanin delicacies, longganisa, sausages and desserts that it offers are ready to serve.

CSI Feelipinas taps small local entrepreneurs for outsourcing from all over the country.

Another feature that is quite unique is an offer of milk tea in a publishing house.

Mystie Print Tea might as well be the first of its kind. While waiting, clients are offered milk teas, coffees, and milkshakes while waiting for. But if you’re famished, they also have many international cuisines to choose from. They have sizzling sinigang and sizzling kare-kare, burgers, a tower of pancakes, churros, pizzas, wings, ramen and more.

However, health is wealth, as they say, and amid the pandemic, the words become more urgent.

The week that passed for Tindahan ni Tarsee is proof of how creative and adaptable Filipinos are.

It’s quite touching to hear that business owners are not only there to serve their products but also to listen to people in need and to find what many crave for.

Food and drinks are the mainstays in local gatherings and symbolize hospitality which is a trait of Filipinos that the world came to know.