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Standing out



People who excel at something are likely to stand out from the crowd. French daredevil Remi Ouvrard made a literal example of how to be such a standout with a rare stunt in his country on 10 November.

The 28-year-old Ouvrard’s feat was done at a dizzying height of 4,016 meters in western France to drum up support for the upcoming annual Telethon fundraising for sick children.

With the weather cooperating, a selfie stick, astronaut suit, his father assisting and just sheer guts, Ouvrard flew and floated on a hot-air balloon broadcasting the stunt live on social media.

He braved the thin oxygen and freezing temperature to safely pull it off unharmed.

It was not an ordinary balloon ride. Ouvrard stood on top of the balloon piloted by his father below. Unbelievable still, the death-defying stunt broke the previous record that Ouvrard himself set in 2019 by standing on a balloon flying at an altitude of 1,217 meters.

If standing on top of a high-altitude balloon is nerve-wracking enough, doing the same on an airplane roof is freaking frightening. But an American pilot recently did just that without any loss of life.

Witnesses to that unplanned event were agents of United States Customs and Border Patrol Tampa Marine Unit (CPB) and Citrus County Sheriff’s Office Tactical Impact Unit. They personally saw the unnamed pilot climbing out of the cockpit and standing on top of the small propeller-powered plane off the coast of Cedar Key, Florida on 9 November.

The agents approached the pilot and brought him onboard their rescue boat. He was unharmed though a bit shaken.

The photos provided by CPB to news outlets show the pilot standing out alright only that the aircraft was not airborne. He left the cockpit and stood on top of the plane’s body to avoid drowning because it was sinking after making an emergency landing on seawater less than a kilometer from the George T. Lewis Airport.

Thanks to the timely arrival of rescuers, the pilot’s stand could have been futile.