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Aboitiz, LGU ramp up Davao vaxing



Following the inoculation of more than 12,000 Davaoenos through a series of vaccination drives rolled out through public-private sector collaboration, certain areas in the city are already moving from “high-risk” to “low-risk”, strengthening the city’s defenses against new Covid variants like Omicron.

The vaccination drive led by Davao-based Aboitiz business units has surpassed its initial target of 24,000 jabs with approximately 39,000 jabs administered to local residents.

The strong turnout of residents wanting to be vaccinated prompted the Aboitiz Group and its partners to scale the initiative up and aim for 60,000 jabs.

Merjade Deles-Calvo, Barangay Captain of Brgy. Tibungco in District II, reported a significant decrease in Covid-19 cases in her community following the vaccination drive, prompting the authorities to reclassify Barangay Tibungco  from being a critical or high risk to a low-risk barangay.

“With our vaccination program, we are targeting more than 50 percent of the population. And, at present, we have already reached our target population. Hopefully, the number continuously increases as we continue to vaccinate the residents.”

Davao City Covid-19 Task Force Vaccination Cluster Head Dr. Josephine Villafuerte expressed gratitude to the Aboitiz Group for supporting local government units in their bid to fast-track the vaccination program of the cities to reach herd immunity.

“We would like to thank Aboitiz for reaching out. You know, they’ve been going to third, first and second districts already doing the vaccination. It relieves us and they reach out to (even) the most, usually to the underserved communities,” she said.

Meantime Rosemarie T. Realino, parent to a 14-year old vaccinee  residing  also in Barangay Tibungco, asserted that as a parent her child’s vaccination gives her peace of mind that her family is protected from the virus.

“When it comes to Covid vaccination, let’s be open-minded. It’s for the sake of our children’s safety and well-being. They will be protected from the virus and will hopefully be able to continue their normal lives. Allow them to enjoy themselves in a safer environment.”