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Quiboloy warns of “much worse” than Omicron variant



Pastor Apollo Quiboloy has warned of “much worse” than the new  Omicron variant if his alleged persecution will continue.

“Delta variant of the Covid-19 is only an introduction. If you keep on hurting, persecuting, and harming the appointed son of the kingdom, you will see much worse than the Omicron virus,” Quiboloy told members of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KoJC) during a worship service in Davao City on 28 November.

Quiboloy made the statement two weeks after United States prosecutors announced the filing of sex trafficking charges against him and two other top officials of KoJC, namely Teresita Dandan and Felina Salinas, for allegedly engaging in sex trafficking by force, fraud, and coercion, as well as the sex trafficking of children.

“You might see in the future people walking, their flesh rotting away but they’re still alive—flesh-eating bacteria that are immune to any vaccine that will come and destroy the inhabitance of the Earth, that cannot be solved by any human talent. No solution,” Quiboloy claimed.

“Listen to me, whole world, persecutors, maligners. In the last days, I’m telling you, this ministry is not a joke. This ministry of the appointed son is sent. I am sent to the world to preach the righteousness for the people to repent their wicked, evil ways,” he added.

Quiboloy, 71, is the founder and executive pastor of Davao City-based KoJC. He has branded himself as the “appointed son of god” and the “owner of the universe.”

“Do not ever play a joke or continue to pursue the persecution of the appointed son because the Father in heaven has already declared through the appointed son. No one can escape this. The way you treat the appointed son of God here is the way the world is going to receive its judgment,” Quiboloy said.

“I don’t even have my own family because the Father sent me all over the world to preach wherever,” he added.

In the 74-page indictment charge, Quiboloy was reportedly accused of forcing young females to have sex with him under threats of “eternal damnation.” Pastorals were allegedly coerced to do such acts labeled as “night duty” for the church leader.

The indictment stated that Quiboloy and other church officials recruited the girls, aged 12 to 25, as personal assistants or “pastorals” and the crime started around 2002 until 2018.

Three of the five female victims were minors when the alleged sex trafficking started, the US DoJ stated. It added that the victims cooked for Quiboloy, cleaned his houses, gave him massages, and were ordered to have sex with him as part of their “night duty.”

US prosecutors said those who heed their orders were rewarded cash payments, vacations, and get to experience staying in luxurious hotel rooms but their rewards are based on their “performance.”

Quiboloy also serves as the spiritual adviser of President Rodrigo Duterte.