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Presidency a matter of destiny — SBG

The senator emphasized that pure and genuine public service is what he truly believes in, no matter the position




Describing the presidency as a matter of destiny, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go on Sunday said running for the highest post in the land is something he has never dreamed of, let alone aspired for.

In his weekly column “Going Forward,” said although he has avoided tossing his hat in the presidential race, fate has a way of turning things around as the party led by President Rodrigo Duterte nominated him as its top contender and he had no option but to accept the challenge.

“For now, I only seek the guidance from the Divine Being for I believe that the Presidency is a matter of destiny. If this one is made for you, it will indeed be given to you,” he said.

The senator said he feels all the heartfelt support that has come his way, thanking his supporters for being with him all the way.

“I was initially intent on being a vice-presidential candidate for about 40 days until this turn of events happened. Because I truly love President Duterte and I would never do anything to hurt him and his family, I gave way and took on a bigger challenge of possibly leading the country and continuing his legacy,” he explained.

The former presidential aide described himself as a simple probinsyano who was just given by God the opportunity to serve the Filipino people.

“I am not a politician. I did not come from a rich or prominent family. I am only a simple public servant from the province who wants nothing but to serve our people,” he pointed out.

The senator said he is leaving his fate to God and the Filipino people even as he vowed to do his best to serve selflessly and tirelessly.

“I am willing to make the supreme sacrifice for the good of our country, and for the sake of unity among our supporters and leaders,” he said.

The senator emphasized that pure and genuine public service is what he truly believes in, no matter the position.

“I assure you that I will not stop serving in the frontlines even at the cost of my own life. Every single Filipino that is uplifted brings an immeasurable joy to my heart.”

Just like the man he has served for a good number of years, Go said he will not stop until he delivers on their promise of providing a more comfortable life for all Filipinos “regardless of the challenges we face and the hard decisions we have to make.”