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Bye, detractors! Live the life you love

You are a creation of God, and it is God’s opinion that matters most. The rest is just noise. Loud but irrelevant noise.



You’re simply living your life and somebody tells you it’s not enough. According to them, you are not enough. You feel a wrenching feeling inside of you, and you cannot stop analyzing where you went wrong. Thereafter, you feel an emotion that makes you remorseful of your actions because of the words hurled at you.

That, my friends, is guilt. You feel guilty over the life you are living. It makes you feel miserable and suffuses everything you do.

It is never a good feeling when someone tells you how to live your life because apparently, according to him/her, what you are doing is not enough. It can hurt your feelings when someone lambastes you, indirectly brings you down, or makes you question how you live your life.

People who put others down may do it for several reasons. It is not always on purpose and may not always be meant to hurt you. Understanding what the person’s motive is can help you determine how to deal with the same. When people don’t believe in your dreams, remember that it is not your inefficiency or deficiency that shows but theirs. When people don’t believe in your dreams, maybe it’s because they once dreamed the same dream but failed. They must have had the same spark and zest in you that they had when they were dreamers. They can sense your focus and drive in reaching your dreams. They can see the dreams they once had in your eyes. But you know, their negativity has nothing to do with you or your dreams and everything to do with who they are and their lack of faith.

It would be nice to hear them cheer you on. It would be easier to push through trials and carry your cross along the way if you know there are people who got your back. But that’s not always the case. And it’s okay.

At the end of the day, it is your life. As long as you are not hurting anyone in the process, live unapologetically.

Continue perfecting your skill sets and offer the world what you have been gifted with. Regardless how big or tiny your dreams are to most people, even if they ridicule or shame you, even if the people you love and hope to support you laugh and mock you, may you never waver in your faith over yourself.

When people don’t believe in your dreams and in you, listen to your heart. You are a creation of God, and it is God’s opinion that matters most. The rest is just noise. Loud but irrelevant noise.

There will be naysayers, there will be doubters, there will be haters, and there will be you proving them all wrong.

Always live your best life — You deserve it!