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Drivers and riders

Isn’t knocking on doors no longer basic knowledge?



I was planning to write about the first Sunday of Advent, which the Catholic world is observing today, to show off my Catholic school lineage. Advent, as you know, marks the four Sundays before Christmas Day. However, I’ll talk about that next week instead when we enter the second Sunday of Advent.

Instead, I want to write about something that’s been bugging me lately.

Have you noticed that many TNVS drivers depend solely on navigation apps to drive around the city? Many of them seem to not really know the city.

Now, I don’t expect every driver to know the inroads of Balic-Balic or Addition Hills to get themselves out of a tight spot, but at least I expect them to know the major roads of Metro Manila.

Just yesterday afternoon, the TNVS driver seemed not to know which way to take to get to Palanan, Makati.

“Should I go around and take Roxas Boulevard instead,” he asked.

I told him to drive on, and yes, within a minute, the app on his smartphone reset itself and showed him the way.

I told him to take Bautista and avoid Dian lest we find ourselves crawling with the traffic to Makati.

He didn’t seem to understand what I said.

By the time we reached Buendia where we are supposed to make a right to Edison to connect with Finlandia, he asked me if we were going the right way. And he had an app before him.

I had to be specific with him. Right at Edison, left at Finlandia, left at Bautista.

As we approached Edison, the app announced that we should take a right at Edison.

“Oh, so this is Edison,” he gasped.

I bit my tongue.

All this reminds me of the time when we had nothing but taxis to get around town quickly.

Often, I would hop into cabs where the driver would announce, gleefully sometimes, that it was his first time to drive around Metro Manila, and could I show him the way to where we were going.

“So long as you can direct me back to EDSA and I’ll figure it out myself,” the driver said.


Riders are no different. Add repair men, too.

It has happened quite a number of times that a rider would get lost to our place simply because he diligently followed a navigation app.

Unfortunately, the navigation app pinned our house two houses behind us. It is already on a different street.

While I am waiting for him at our gate, I would get a frantic call from a rider that I wasn’t where I was supposed to be.

I would round the side of our house, and there he would be.

This kind of rider is no different from riders who find it beneath them to knock on our gate or ask help from the tricycle drivers who are lined up outside our house.

Often, they would either send a message or make a call to announce that they are in front of our house.

Isn’t knocking on doors no longer basic knowledge?

Drivers and riders. Sometimes, they just make me wonder.