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The many ways of saying thank you

There are literally almost a hundred ways to show your gratitude in words.



Do you know that there are countless ways to say thank you? Showing your appreciation for a kind deed, a gesture of thoughtfulness and a helping hand can be as simple as saying these two words: “Thank you.” Wait, there’s more.

In not so many words
Let’s see: There are literally almost a hundred ways to show your gratitude in words. A simple text as short as “Thanks” can be just as meaningful as “You are a life-saver.” There is the ever popular “You’ve made my day” and the indebted expression, “ I owe you one.”


The romantic in you can express, “My heart knows no bounds” or “You have made a difference in my life,” and the sentimental one can express this: “I will never forget you or your kindness.” How about the effusive “You are awesome,” “You are the best,” “You are one-of-a-kind,” “You are my hero/Santa,” “You are my angel?” The spiritually-inclined may say, “You are a miracle worker,” “I am blessed to have you in my life,” and “May you be blessed a millionfold.”

Those who believe in karma can say, “May your kindness be repaid a millionfold,” and “May your goodness be rewarded.” There is the businesslike “I appreciate your kind assistance” and the overwhelming “I am beside myself with glee” and the surprised “You shouldn’t have!” Then, there is always the “Thanks a million,” “You are so thoughtful,” “Please accept my endless gratitude,” and “Thank you very much.” Try “I will never forget you for this” if saying the usual words of thanks will not suffice.

Action speaks louder
Shall we count the ways? If you are more an action-oriented individual there are gestures you can demonstrate to show your appreciation.

Share. Share whatever you might have in you. This could be a little token of appreciation to show your thoughtfulness — a cookie, cup of coffee or tea, a chocolate bar.

Touch therapy. The power of touch can heal as well. What better way to say thank you than with a hug, a pat on the back, a warm smile.

Stay connected. Reach out to the person you have gratitude for, like regular texting, sending inspirational messages, writing poetry, checking in on a person’s state of health, asking, “How are you?” can go a long way in making the person feel important.

Acts of kindness. Pay for someone’s snack or meal in a restaurant just because. Cook for your loved one. Arrange for a private dinner or get-together. Do the groceries for a friend. Run errands for a relative. Send a thoughtful message of thanks. Do a social media shout-outs.

Say it with flowers. This is a fail-safe way to show your thoughtfulness. Understand that there are many kinds of flowers for different kinds of messages. You cannot go wrong with roses, tulips, sunflowers, bouquet assortments and orchids. Attach a note with your words of thanks.

Send a gift. Food is always highly-appreciated. So is a wellness care package that includes vitamins, organic goods and fresh fruits. For those with a sweet tooth, send a cake or pie. For the health-conscious, send sugar-free and gluten-free treats.

You see, there is more than one way to say thank you. So, say it today to someone you truly appreciate. Your show of thoughtfulness can literally uplift their spirits. And while you are at it, do not forget to thank yourself for being strong, kind and loving.

Affirmation: “I am ready to receive an unexpected windfall today.”

Love and light!