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Celebration season



Tis the season of celebrations once more — not just the holidays, but birthdays as well. Sadly, so many birthdays were canceled because of our restrictions, but since they began lowering the levels recently, more and more friends have decided to have late celebrations. This is why our JL and Co. and Buddies groups hosted the birthday of our dearest Johnny Litton during one lucky day — 11-11, or double 11!

We hosted the dinner at our favorite spot, the Speakeasy private room in The Peak at The Grand Hyatt Hotel. Before entering, everyone was antigen-tested. No exceptions! Masks were a must, too. Once everyone was declared safe, we went inside and were so happy to see each other after nearly two years.

Hugh Wilson and Noel Oñate.


Johnny Litton with Grand Hyatt executives.


Bingo Dejaresco and Consul Fortune Ledesma.


Another belated birthday celebrant Secretary Salvador Panelo, the columnist and his wife, Celis.

Our party had a full glam theme, so we all wore long dresses and, of course, the celebrator was dashing in a tuxedo! Two extra special guests joined us: Carol Ocampo Mercado and Mache Torres, and together, our total headcount was 11, completing my favorite lucky number! Everyone really gathered to celebrate the iconic and funny birthday guy. Even Hans Hauri, the Grand Hyatt president, stopped by to celebrate a little. Belated happy birthday again, Tito Johnny. Thanks for your cutie giveaways, too. You are very much loved!

‘Philippines’ Best Dressed’ cover girls Carol Mercado
and Mache Torres-Ackerman.

Next on our birthday series found us at the party home of my good friend, Noel Oñate. He hosted a small gathering limited to 12 people, which was with our Amazing 5 and Party People groups. Secretary Salvador Panelo and his wife joined us, and since it was his birthday, I didn’t miss the chance to greet him. I brought a cake so he could blow out his own candles and that we all could celebrate him. Secretary Panelo also showed off his vocal chops and graced us with lots of songs. It was a treat watching him sing. We all had a blast! Thank you, dear Noel, for hosting the fun night, and thank you Secretary Panelo for the live entertainment!

Aisa Duico and Mags Cue.

Last on this series was the belated birthday dinner of our dear Marissa Fenton at Caruso. Together with the celebrator was her friend, Ping Valencia, who wore a matching outfit by accident, but both still beautiful!

Connie Haw, celebrator Johnny Litton and the columnist.


Another belated birthday celebrator Marissa Fenton and her friend Ping Valencia.


Shelly Lazaro and Hans Hauri.


Ruby Chua

I had so much fun celebrating my friends’ birthdays and getting together with everyone again. Even in the age of masks and restrictions, it still somehow feels a little normal in the presence of amazing friends. Moments with people we love make us forget all of the worries, even for just an evening. Looking forward to the next part of these birthday series, and also the holiday get-togethers. Can’t wait! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. See you, lovies!