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6 tips for setting up a home theater system



If you love watching movies, bingeing TV series, and streaming your favorite content creator’s videos, then you might want to invest in home theater systems. Obviously, this would require quite a bit of investment. However, it doesn’t have to be so expensive. Here are some tips to help you set up a home theater without burning a hole in your wallet:

Don’t buy everything at once
A home theater system is composed of multiple appliances and gadgets. The problem with this is that if you buy everything in one go, you’re going to have to shell out a huge amount upfront. Not many people can afford to do this; in addition, when you one-and-done your home theater, you’re likely going to need an upgrade much sooner.

The better thing to do is to invest in the major components first, which would be the TV and the soundbar or speaker system. If at all possible, choose future-proof models that can adapt to the latest technological advancements in the next 5 to 10 years. All the other components can come later.

Determine the purpose of your home theater
Despite its name, a home theater is more than just for watching movies. You can also set it up as a place where you can listen to music or even play video games. This simply means that the equipment you buy for your home theater will largely depend on its intended purpose.

If you’re more particular about the visuals, then go ahead and invest in a 65-inch UHD or HDR TV. However, if you like great audio and plan to listen to your favorite songs in your home theater, dial down on the size of the TV and pour the savings towards a good speaker system. Meanwhile, if you’re planning to play more video games, consider the TV’s refresh rate and not just its display quality.

Upgrade or start from scratch?
There are two ways you can approach building your home theater system: upgrading what you have or starting from scratch. For the former, take stock of what you can or want to keep. For example, it’s likely that you already have a TV at home (this is likely the case for many households). If you’re happy with its picture quality, then you can invest in other components like the speakers. However, if the display has a lot of dead pixels or other issues, then you might want to get a new TV before a sound system.

You should also think about other elements, such as how you’re planning to watch movies and TV series. Are you going to stream them or are you going to buy Blu-ray discs? For the former, you’re going to need a streaming device; for the latter, you’re not only going to need the discs but also a compatible player.

Storage is also an important consideration. Do you have materials for wall-mounting? What about cabinets or shelves for your gaming equipment or disc players? If you have to buy everything new, then you’re definitely going to need to spend a bit more.

Sometimes, “smart” isn’t necessary
Do note that a smart TV isn’t actually necessary because you’re likely going to have a separate media player that you’ll connect to the internet to stream your favorite shows. However, many UHD or HDR TVs are also smart TVs by default.

That said, to save a bit of money, you can look for high-resolution TVs that don’t connect to the internet. It’s better to look for a reliable media player or streaming device for more stable internet connections and also more FHD content. You may even get discounts on streaming channels.

Don’t forget your comfort
Obviously, your home theater system will be composed primarily of tech stuff—the TV, the speakers, the gaming consoles, as well as the Blu-ray discs and player. However, it’s not all about the appliances and gadgets. At the very least, you also need a place to sit so you need a sofa or a recliner; for gamers, a gaming chair may also be a nice add-on.

You’re also going to need storage and organization solutions like wall brackets, cabinets, shelves, and even side tables. Fortunately, these items are relatively more affordable; you can even purchase them second-hand or at a huge discount in furniture warehouses.

Consider the upkeep costs
When setting up a home theater, you need to consider the upkeep costs. For example, subscribing to multiple streaming services means you can pay more than Php 1,000 per month. Meanwhile, Blu-ray discs and DVDs means you also have to purchase a corresponding player; however, this is a one-time investment. The key is to figure out the amount of money you’re willing to spend regularly so that you can continuously enjoy your home theater

The bottom line here is that you have to learn how to prioritize. When you know what you want, building your home theater will be more cost-efficient.