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Tindahan ni tarsee’s testament

Tindahan ni Tarsee’s guests are testament to how resilient and creative Filipinos are. All of these business ventures were either born or flourished during the pandemic



Shining StarryTea Café’s Samgyupstar is inspired by Korean barbecue.

Tindahan ni Tarsee is back on its second year, aiming to help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) get back on their feet after being knocked down repeatedly by the numerous lockdowns we faced. Through this, we are also helping raise the economy to its level before the pandemic.

The first guest to be featured was Anicia’s Bakery with its mouthwatering pastries, cakes, cookies and breads. Its best-sellers are croissants and Danishes, but everything on its menu is a catch for their price.

Anicia’s Bakery is known for its croissants, cookies and various Danish pastries.

Catherine Co, part owner of Anicia’s Bakery, is an actual pastry chef. It was her husband Mathew Co, the bakery’s other half, who encouraged her to start the business amid the pandemic. They started selling their products online and first catered to the community within BF Homes in Parañaque — and they were a hit! With sweet, delicate flavors and high-quality French flour, it’s a no-brainer why customers keep coming back. And it is their loyalty to their clients that allowed the couple to open a brick-and-mortar store.

Up next was A&H Essentials with its product PflanzenölE. It’s an everyday supplement to be taken as an extra safety measure amid the ongoing threat of the pandemic. Now that quarantine restrictions have been loosened, taking extra precautions won’t hurt anybody, especially if you take this 100 percent plant-based supplement.

A&H Essentials’ Edith Dychiao. R&D director, and Maureen Castañeda, marketing director.

PlanzenölE supplement contains oil from 12 plants to ward off the virus.

Owners Edith Dychiao and Maureen Castañeda, the R&D and Marketing directors of A&H Essentials, respectively, shared their gel capsule contains oils from 12 different plants.

The concept behind this supplement is that even before advanced medicine came to be, ancient people used plants to heal and keep themselves healthy. Up to this day, even wild animals depend on plants for their health. Vegan-friendly and halal certified, PflanzenölE takes us back to basics without compensating its health benefits.

The café’s 2D Café concept make it an Instagramable spot.

On the third day, Shining StarryTea Café in Cabuyao, Laguna was featured. What was intriguing about the shop was its unique concept as a “2D café.” The owner, Angela Aris, said apart from trying to attract more customers, they wanted to bring something unique to their loyal clientele after seeing 2D cafés from their trips abroad.

They offer a wide variety of milk teas and coffee, but the best-seller is the pasta, which often gets sold out. Recently, they also added Korean BBQ to the menu, calling it “Samgyupstar,” and both old and new customers love it. To accommodate the increasing number of customers, the café was expanded to cover their old parking lot.

Madam Burger by Ate Regz’s unlimited burger, nachos, fries and wings.

Finally, Tindahan ni Tarsee went to Muntinlupa City to visit the famous Madam Burger by Ate Regz. The store has a unique concept where guests make their own burger. After they cook the party and serve it to guests, they have the option to dress it up themselves, choosing the vegetables and condiments that they want on their burger.

Ate Regz, owner of Madam Burger by Ate Regz.

If you are on a tight budget but you also want to splurge a little bit, Madam Burger also offers unlimited burgers, fries, nachos, chicken wings and juice for only P308.

But if you just wanna take it easy and go for a plain burger meal, choose from either the Stick to One Burger which comes with a quarter-pounder patty, the Two Timer Burger with its two quarter-pounder patties, and the Love Triangle Burger with its three quarter-pounder patties.

Madam Burger by Ate Regz’s Make-Your-Own-Burger station. / PHOTOGRAPHS BY Al Padilla, Joey Sanchez Mendoza, Venice Bautista, Matt Libunao and Shining StarryTea Café’s Facebook page FOR THE DAILY TRIBUNE @tribunephl_al @tribunephl_joey

Madam Burger is open daily from 11 a.m. to midnight. If a craving suddenly kicks in, Madam Burger by Ate Regz can take care of what you want.

The guests on the first week of Tindahan ni Tarsee are testament to how resilient and creative Filipinos are. All of these business ventures were either born or flourished during the pandemic. So, let’s continue to support Filipino entrepreneurs and their products.

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