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Pumped up over rollbacks and this stunner

This sleek coupe-like beautiful beast called the CX30 FWD Sport explained to me what ‘Jinbai Ittai’ meant. More than that, it let me experience it. It was truly an ‘aweXome’ drive.



In last week’s column, I talked about the rising prices of gas. I asked a lot of questions, and one of the big ones was: “Will gasoline companies find it in their hearts to show some heart and help out its consumers, especially now that the holidays are coming around?”

Well, Blast, the motoring section of this “aweXome” newspaper comes out every Monday. So my column, as you can deduce, comes out on the same day. The following day, Tuesday, 9th November, there was a rollback on gas, diesel and, at some gas stations, even kerosene. I wrote in last week’s column how cheaper gas prices for the Philippine motoring public is one of my birthday wishes, and poof, look at that — a rollback. Maybe the gasoline companies read the column and said, “It has been 10 weeks since we last rolled back prices, let us show some heart and give the public a rollback this week, for Xeres’ birthday.” Hey, it could have happened.

Now, hopefully, they will heed last week’s column title, too, which was: “All we want for Christmas is cheap gas.” We are off to a great start because fuel companies have already announced another rollback happening on 16th November. So, fingers crossed that we can experience some more rollbacks to help alleviate the pain of nearing-empty wallets the holiday season is known to bring.

Speaking of my birthday, I would like to give a huge thank you to Mazda Philippines for my birthday weekend ride. They were “aweXome” to lend-out to me the 2021 Mazda CX-30. My birthday weekend was off to a great start as I got behind the wheel of the Japanese carmaker’s first crossover model to showcase the new Evolved Kodo: Soul of Motion design philosophy.

Did you know that the Philippines is the first ASEAN market to welcome its arrival? And what an arrival — whew! This compact SUV is legitimately “a new standard of beauty.” I was lent the FWD Sport variant, the mid-tier one, and I am telling you, I normally practice GGD (good girl driving), especially with cars that are not my own, but I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed that Sport mode. Going “zoom zoom” in a Mazda is just so much fun.

THE Mazda CX30 also saw my first collaboration with a fellow automotive enthusiast, YouTuber and TikToker, Real Ryan! Xalamat, Ryan, Vrylle and the rest of his team!

The first time I got behind the wheel of a Mazda vehicle was when I got to use my former boss’ Mazda 6 as a company car. I used it to lug around Ben Cab works and they all fit perfectly and safely in the boot. This was back in 2012. It was the first automatic car that I got to drive. Coming from a manual, pawis-steering small-body Corolla, getting inside that midsize sedan, with its standout technology, was a real delight. It said “Zoom Zoom/Hello” every time you started it up, just “aweXome!”

Shoutout to Mr. Jonathan Sy of Gallery BiG for lending me that sweet, sweet ride and leading me to discover my unwavering appreciation for the brand. It has been almost a decade since I have found myself behind the wheel of another Mazda vehicle, and the feeling is still the same — elation. Just great happiness and exhilaration. Driving enthusiasts know, there is just this effortless joy driving a Mazda brings.

This sleek coupe-like beautiful beast called the CX30 FWD Sport explained to me what “Jinbai Ittai” meant. More than that, it let me experience it. It was truly an “aweXome” drive. Many thanks, again, Mazda Philippines, it was a very happy birthday for me.