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Makati Subway jobs announced

First wave of hirings trumpeted by Mayor Binay with Makati citizens to be prioritized in the recruitment



Makati Mayor Abby Binay announced on Saturday the first wave of job openings concerning the city’s ambitious subway project.

“As promised earlier, the Makati Subway will be generating jobs and will provide an additional source of income for our Makatizens and their families. This project will forever change the landscape of Makati, and it is an honor for me and my administration to leave our beloved city this legacy,” she said.

Also called the Makati Intra-City Subway or MkTr, the subway is an 11-kilometer underground rapid transit line that will link establishments across the Makati business district.

It will have two tracks, 10 underground stations, and air-conditioned coaches that can accommodate 200 persons per car. It has a train yard, maintenance depot, and central command center at ground level.

Binay said the project is well underway and that the construction and planning stages are in full swing.

She said they are now looking for skilled and experienced engineers and other professionals to help complete the project. Among the job openings are for BIM specialists, engineering technology managers, engineers, technicians, electricians, administrative personnel, office driver, logistics personnel and a chef.

Makati residents will be prioritized in the hiring, but the 22 job vacancies may also be filled by non-Makati residents who are qualified.

Interested applicants may send their resumes to Mr. Danny Liang at [email protected]

Binay said the subway project will create 10,000 new jobs on the construction and operation of the train system alone. She expects more jobs to be created indirectly related to the train system, arising from an efficient mass transport system that will boost the city’s economy.